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Polish man

What kind of Polish men are they?

What is a Polish man? Patient and gentle, or Moody and defiant? What qualities does it differ favorably from its nearest neighbors, and in what ways is it completely inferior? Let's figure it out together.

1. Polak-modnik Poles like to dress stylishly. It is rare to see a young man in "no name" sneakers. In honor of Nike, Reebok and Adidas. So while you are trying on new clothes, the pole will also look for something in the men's Department. There are quite a lot of stylishly dressed men here. 2. Pole complainer In close contact with the poles, it seems that they are completely dissatisfied with their lives. They are ready to complain about everything: from salaries to bad weather. In fact, it's just a character trait, a way to discuss something with a neighbor or a friend. At the same time, they are quite happy with their lives, at least many of them.

3. Polish patriot Poles are very Patriotic. This is noticed by all visitors who have lived in Poland for at least one month. They can openly criticize their government and parties, but they firmly believe that Poland is one of the best countries, and the products here are the most delicious. By the way, every year on Independence day in many cities of the world, poles gather at noon to sing the national anthem of their country.

4. Pole-family man Polish men are excellent family men and are ready to devote a lot of free time to children. It is not uncommon to meet fathers one-on-one with children on playgrounds, playrooms, and at a doctor's appointment.

5. Pole-athlete Poles like to keep themselves in shape. The pool queues don't decrease even at 9 PM. At 5 am, you can meet cyclists and runners on the street, who are not afraid of snow, heat, or even heavy rain. Fitness clubs are also full of people. From my observations, I can say that there are significantly more full girls than full guys.

6. Pole-Mama's boy Poles do not like to live with their parents, so they try to rent a house and move as quickly as possible. And parents themselves are ready to help children with buying a home as much as possible.

Although of course not all poles are like that. Nationality lays down some features, but does not form the character completely. Therefore, often there are rude and ill-mannered men. It's just a matter of luck.

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