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Plane rental for a romantic date.

Modern advanced girls will not be surprised by restaurants, movies and theaters. How to make an unforgettable impression on the other half to hear the cherished "Yes"? Of course, to invite her to the sky — to arrange a romantic date on the plane!

Date in the sky-an unforgettable experience for a lifetime! Rent a plane for a romantic date for 2 passengers-cost about 17,000 euros-a romantic date in the sky on Board the Hawker 750XP.

No representative of the fair sex can resist such a gift. Spectacular views from the Windows, the conquest of the sky, a romantic dinner with flowers and champagne in the cabin of a luxury jet are impressive. At the same time, there will be no extraneous passengers on Board — only you, the crew and maintenance staff.

The cost of ordering a plane for a romantic date

Private jet rental for a romantic date for 2 passengers-cost about 17,000 euros-Hawker 750XP business jet Organizing a flight on a Pilatus PC-12 plane for a romantic date for 2 passengers-the cost is about 20,000 euros Rent a Premier 1A plane for a romantic date for 2 passengers-the cost is about 16,000 euros.

The price of renting an aircraft may change up or down depending on the model of the aircraft, the specific route and time of day of the flight, as well as the number of passengers and specific flight dates.

How to organize a romantic date on the plane A date on Board the plane is quite a responsible event that requires a balanced and careful approach. You need to decide on these points: departure time, departure point and arrival point. It all depends on your desire and financial capabilities. This can be a small excursion with a bird's-eye view of the picturesque places, or a transatlantic flight to some exotic country; the type and model of the plane-depending on where you plan to fly, what is the scenario of the date, how many passengers will be. For example, for a sightseeing tour, a compact ultralight plane is suitable, and for a long flight that provides rest and dinner on Board, it is better to rent a medium-or long-haul airliner. If you plan to arrange a rendezvous for two, it is better to order a budget three-seat plane. If you are going to celebrate the engagement with your family and friends, take a photographer and video operator with you, then the best option will be a business jet with a capacity of at least 9-16 seats; interior design of the salon. It is better to prepare a romantic entourage in advance — flowers, champagne, candles, rose petals, silk pillows, fireworks during the exit from the plane and much more. Where to book a plane for a romantic date The widest selection of air equipment can be offered only by a professional company specializing in air transportation services in the business aviation segment. Specialists will select the best variant of the aircraft, help develop the flight route and control the flight at all its stages.

Arrange a romantic atmosphere on Board in advance: interior decor, fine dining. Organizing a flight on a plane with a romantic dinner on Board a Pilatus PC-12 for 2 passengers-the cost is about 20,000 euros.

At the exact time you specify, you will be provided with an aircraft in perfect technical condition, prepared in accordance with your requirements and operated by an experienced crew. On request, professional flight attendants will provide service during the flight. And such a service as catering on Board will allow you to organize a perfect romantic dinner with dishes from the best restaurants, selected to your taste. All you need to do is contact the air broker and inform them of your goals and requirements. You get a guarantee that a romantic date in the sky will go exactly as you planned. It will not be spoiled by an unpleasant neighborhood, poor food or flight delays — everything will be organized at the highest level.

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