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Pisces Horoscope. May 15, 2020

Updated: May 15


May 15, 2020- The current planetary energies are encouraging you to be firm and not to waver when it comes to a decision that you and your partner (current or prospective) have already agreed upon. The temptation may come to seek out another opinion, or to reconsider the issue from a different perspective. If you keep on doing this you will never get anywhere. Leave it as it is and do what needs to be done.


May 11, 2020 - May 17, 2020- You have an interesting time ahead with a harmonious aspect affecting your house of teaching, learning, travel, and spirituality, bringing renewed interest in all of these areas. If you teach for a living, it's a great time to put feelers out for a new job. If you want to branch out into teaching, you have lots of support. Similarly, thinking about going back to school to augment your skills yields future dividends.


May 15, 2020- Your loving character will bring out the best in those you care about. Your compassion and willingness to be present in the here and now will brighten the lives of those you touch. In order to keep yourself going in a healthy and positive direction, look to yourself each day and make sure you have what you need to feel your best. This most likely means staying away from dairy products and getting the exercise your strong body needs.

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