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Pisces Horoscope. Apr 19, 2020


Apr 19, 2020- You may not be able to stop the buildup of electricity between you and another person today, especially with the current planetary configuration. Thought and logic just do not enter into this, and no amount of planning could have prepared you for the intensity of the situation. This will be one person whom you will either remain very close to, or be tempted to run from.


Apr 13, 2020 - Apr 19, 2020- You have some interesting energy concentrated around your work and money now. A supportive aspect means that institutions such as credit card companies or banks are trying to work with you to develop a comprehensive debt-repayment plan. It's a positive time for fundraising, too. If you're trying to get rid of debt, this is a great time for compromise.


Apr 19, 2020- Many of us follow the diet "if I can still fit into my jeans I'm OK" - which is not the diet for optimum health. You may want to look a little deeper into what you can be doing for your health these days. You are far more capable than simply putting on a pair of pants when it comes to your health! Keep health flowing into your life by drinking water - something you can do at any time of day!

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