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Nyotaimori-erotic meal in Japanese.

Eating sushi off the body of the girl: nitemare For centuries, Japanese cuisine has maintained its traditions. Fashion trends and technological progress do not violate the taste harmony of the Country of the rising sun. Sushi is a classic Japanese dish that is found on the table of every second European. This means that the traditions of Asia are gradually moving to the West and spreading to the East. Japanese cuisine is the preference of marine products. Fish, seaweed, octopus and shrimp have become the basis of traditional dishes. This trend may have been caused by the country's lack of other natural resources. By now, sushi has been transformed and has reached gourmets stuffed with vegetables, fruits and other delicious ingredients.

Japanese culinary customs have always taken into account not only the benefits of the dish, but also its aesthetic value. The table setting culture is very important for them. Sometimes, looking at the design elements, you get the impression of careless placement of twigs or leaves. In fact, any of them has a special significance and meaning. Sushi on a girl's body is the most exotic and risky type of serving.

The Japanese admit that the idea is not only aimed at satisfying aesthetic needs. In order for the taste of sushi to open properly, a certain temperature is necessary, which is equal to the normal temperature of the human body. According to Japanese chefs, a dish that has absorbed the energy of the body has unsurpassed taste qualities. This is the only way visitors can experience the true flavor of the cuisine of the Land of the rising sun.

Order and cost of the service. To order the sushi on the body of the girl: nyotaimori almost every major Japanese restaurant. You can give an exotic dish to your friends for a holiday or treat yourself to an Asian dish. Usually the service includes a choice of models-dishes, sushi and rolls, table decoration by designers and florists. Sometimes the price includes a photo session. The exotic nature of the delicacy makes it available to not everyone. In specialized nyotaimori-restaurants sushi, like the rest of the food, are several times more expensive. The cost of ordering an exotic service usually starts from eight thousand rubles.

For and against the art of the female body. Each new trend has its own opponents. People who have a negative attitude to sushi on the body with a girl, insist on violating this method of women's rights, as niotamori goes against personal freedom. Supporters of the fashion trend claim that this method emphasizes femininity and extols the cult of food.

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