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Netflix's Tinder-era series

Netflix released the series "Dating Around" in the form of a reality show, which is dedicated to Dating and Dating the main characters who live in new York.In the era of modern realities and all sorts of gadgets with special applications, such as Tinder, it is absolutely no surprise that many couples find each other thanks to gadgets or television. Our audience has long known such TV programs as:" Dom 2"," let's get married"," the Bachelor " and other programs where people come to find their soul mate. So how will this reality show, which is produced by the Netflix service, differ from them?

Each episode of "Dating Around" will be dedicated to one person who will go on five first dates with complete strangers. All interaction, communication, and, most importantly, awkwardness will be captured only for the sake of one thing — for the sake of your viewing pleasure. But Dating will not take place on luxury yachts or in expensive restaurants: here everything will be shown as in normal life – people will find each other in bars or pubs, in a walk around the city or somewhere else. The first Netflix trailer for this series showcases some of these awkward moments, including when one potential partner who tells the main character: "I hope you're not a serial killer." If, God forbid, it turns out to be one of them, Netflix will probably make a series about it, too. It will also show awkward conversations directly in the face: we are not suitable for each other and, perhaps, will never see each other again.

Of course, because of the same location and similar characters, it may seem that all this is "Groundhog Day", but it is not. There are series where the main character is heterosexual, and there are also those where all attention is focused on LGBT characters. The mood in all series changes, but, despite this, the series looks easy and relaxed. It is fascinating to watch in order to find out how people with different characters, interests (and sometimes orientation) try to find a common language.


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