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My trip to Milan: what to see, how to get to Milan

Milan, Italy is the 15th largest city in the European Union and is recognized worldwide for being the capital of global design and fashion. The city consists of several so-called parts of charm and passion-football, Opera and fashion.

However, as long as there is glitz, fashion and a few historical monuments here, for me this city has served as a great place to stay for just a few days. I can't say that I liked the city very much, because even its local residents told me with confidence in their eyes that it is a city primarily for work, but not for tourism. However, in my opinion, the city is still worth a visit, only if not for a long time.

How to get to Milan

Let's start with the most common method that has found recognition around the world. Given the importance of the city, I can please you with the fact that planes fly from Moscow to Milan. If you are going to go to conquer Milan on your own and independently, then it is better to buy air tickets to this glorious Italian city through an online ticket service aviasales.ru. This will be more convenient, easier, and, of course, cheaper.

In addition, Moscow in this case is not the only place in Russia where there are direct flights to the capital of fashion. If you are not a local, and you have to go to Moscow or fly far and inconvenient, know that there is also the possibility of buying plane tickets from St. Petersburg to Milan.

By the way, I paid too much attention to buying plane tickets to Milan, while I did not consider that you can go here from any other point in Italy. In this case, according to my data, the cheapest, fastest and most convenient option for you will be a railway connection, so keep in mind.

In General, I planned to arrange a budget trip, and that is why I tried to live in Milan as cheaply as possible. I started, of course, with buying air tickets. Moreover, I ordered cheap tickets to Milan through the above-mentioned ticket sales service and a few weeks before departure. After buying tickets to Milan, I started looking for a suitable place to live. By the way, I had to choose between several places to stay overnight (by type, of course).

I started looking at hostels first. For a hostel, be prepared to pay between $ 20 and $ 30 for a shared room and $ 80 for a private double room in a Dorm. As for the price of an inexpensive hotel, you will have to pay at least $ 50 per night in a cozy hotel for a double room. Prices increase dramatically in the summer months, so keep in mind.

Well, I decided to rent a small apartment in the historic district of Milan and paid for it 40 dollars a day. By the way, cheap housing from owners can be found through the service airbnb.ru.

I will not bore you with all sorts of stories about how it was, what happened to me, as practice shows, people omit these materials to get to the attractions section faster, so I will do so. Unless I give you a few parting words of advice.

Try to choose accommodation with your own kitchen, because food in cafes and restaurants will definitely cost you a lot of money. As it is, if you have your own kitchen, you can live on fifty dollars a week safely. Whereas just for one trip to a restaurant, you will have to pay about sixty us dollars.

In addition, avoid taxis,and try to immediately purchase tickets for public transport. The most interesting thing is that the ticket here works a little differently than we do.

If we are used to using one ticket for a single journey in transport, then here the ticket is given for one hour, that is, if you keep up within the allowed time, you will be able to travel half of Milan. By the way, such a ticket costs about two dollars, while a taxi will cost from twenty bucks.

What to see in Milan

Visit the Cathedral. Let's start with the historical sights of Milan. A massive Gothic Cathedral looming over the Piazza del Duomo. Here you can count about 3,500 statues, 135 spires and 5 bronze doors, which is not surprising, given that this architectural miracle was built almost for five hundred years.

You will definitely be left speechless by its size. Take the Elevator to the roof, and if you are really lucky with the weather, you may see the Alps (I'm not talking about the city of Milan and its surroundings). City symbol — Madonna, also located on top of the roof, may be subject to a detailed inspection on request.

Enjoy the Last supper. This masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci is located in the Church of Santa Maria della Grazie. The picture, of course, speaks for itself, since it captures the moment when Jesus reveals the fact that one of his disciples will soon betray him.

Despite all the trials and tribulations that this work of art had to overcome, the mural looks wonderful to this day. Book a visit to the mural a few months in advance if you want to get there during the peak season.

Do some shopping. If you are looking for something to spend serious money on or just look at various things and accessories, then you will find it all in the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele 11. This huge shopping center was built over the course of twelve years and now represents the home of fashion giants such as Prada and Gucci.

If you are traveling on a budget, at least buy yourself a Cup of coffee and watch the high society of Milan pass you by.

Visit the Opera. Do you like Opera? Do you want to see Opera in all its glory? Then, of course, you've definitely already heard of La Scala. Of course, you will have to go hungry for the next few days to afford to buy one of these "Golden" tickets and experience with your own eyes and ears the best acoustics and performers in the world.

Or perhaps you just want to see this fantastic theater from the inside? Visit the theater Museum of La Scala, and at the same time walk through the corridors of this magnificent structure.

Explore The Sforzesco Castle. Get a portion of fine art at the Sforzesco Castle. Built in the 15th century by the famous Francesco Sforza castle, at this stage of time there are 12 mini-museums and an extensive archive, which, in fact, serves as a visual feast for the eyes!

Its collections include everything from the Renaissance, the unfinished last work of Michelangelo and the famous Civiche Raccolte d'arte Antica (world-famous sculpture gallery) to the Museum of musical instruments and ancient art.

Go to the football game. If you consider yourself an avid football player, then book your tickets in advance for the match at the San Siro stadium. Like any other football fanatic, you should know that the San Siro is one of the world's most famous stadiums, while Milan itself is home to two football teams – Milan and inter.

Look at the city's water channels. You are surprised to hear that such channels are available in Milan? Actually, there are two, to be exact. Do not expect, of course, that they will replace you with Venice, although they also deserve attention.

According to the project of the great Leonardo da Vinci, the Milanese canals had to exactly repeat a similar structure known throughout the world, thanks to Venice. Originating in the Navigli area, these canals are incredibly charming and accessible to tourists during the summer months.

It is at this time that you can take a "lazy" water walk looking at the charming artists who may be drawing you as their works on the shore. You can also spend your time dining at one of the dozens of restaurants located around its perimeter. In fact, this is a very large area and for the most part, it is designed for a quiet break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Wander through flea markets. Milan is famous not only for being home to many fashion giants — the city is also home to huge flea markets, which can be good news for your wallet!

Fiera di Senigallia is considered the most popular and ancient flea market in the city, where you can buy everything from disco equipment to vintage American comics. You can also visit the Papiniano market, just a stone's throw away, where you can buy cheap shoes and clothing.

Visit the Brera Art gallery. Although this place can not be compared in size to the Sforzesco castle, the gallery certainly has its own greatness, showing many of the best works of art by Raphael, Mantegna and Rembrandt.

Visit the Park of Idroscalo. Yes, this is a real urban jungle. One of the most iconic places recognized by local residents, is an artificial lake, Idroscalo. Here you will find beautiful parks and even have a barbecue. It's almost like the Italian coast.

Take a walk along Corso Magenta. Located in the North-Western part of Milan, this street is home to several cafes, shops and palaces built in the Baroque style. It is noteworthy that the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the nearby monastery are exactly the place where the last supper was once held. It is better to get on a sightseeing tour here from the metro station.

Relax in the Park Semitone. This Park is so huge that it is considered the location of several ancient and majestic attractions, such as the Sforzesco Castle, The city aquarium,the Torre Branca, as well as dozens of different esoteric bars and much more.

This is actually a huge area that I had to wander for several hours, and lie down on the grass when I was tired (Yes, this is the way it is there, and I didn't get dirty at all).


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