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My trip to Copenhagen

Hello again! This time I would like to tell you about my trip to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. I've spent my entire life scouring the world for a better life. It wasn't that I didn't like my home, but I knew that life was better somewhere.

Moreover, this "best" usually consists of hundreds of little things that make up the key to happiness. As I moved around the world, I realized that there were advantages and disadvantages everywhere, but I still had one uncharted part of the world that I had high hopes for.

It is no secret that it is good where we are not, but I still decided to try my luck. I had several suggestions for where to go, but I chose Copenhagen as my first destination.

I went there directly from Moscow, and taking into account my past experience of using the services of services for buying tickets, I knew that the earlier you order, the cheaper it should be.

Taking into account the planned visit, the prices for a ticket to Copenhagen were more than acceptable, so without thinking twice, I agreed and began to carefully prepare for my departure. After all, after traveling in Denmark, I wanted to go to Norway, which radically changed the case, given the fact that it is wildly cold there.

So, going to Denmark in the summer, I looked extremely strange when I was wearing a fairly warm down jacket, and a whole suitcase of various warm things that I definitely needed during the trip.

So, welcome to Copenhagen. The city of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. A great place for tourism and at the same time the quietest European capital. I understood why I was so attracted to travel here. I was looking for peace and quiet. Have you ever heard about anything related to Denmark on the news? That's what I mean.

I now want to translate the story in a slightly different direction, and tell you about the sights and just places that I saw. But the point is different — even if my delusions about a better life are too pretentious, as for me, but the country with the best favorable life index got it for a reason.

So I began my tour with the great Round Tower. What is most interesting, there is a sign at the entrance that tells us that when this place was visited by Peter I himself, he climbed to the roof of this giant tower on a horse. How the poor horse felt, and how the Emperor liked it, I don't know, but you can easily get there on foot.

Still, it is bad that there are no elevators, since more Mature tourists even with all their desire will not be able to climb up. However, there is something to distract. For example, remember the tale of "Flint". There the conversation was with a dog whose eyes were the size of a tower. So the conversation was directly about this tower.

The walls surrounding the staircase are simply incomparable and painted with various pictures (as I understand, related to the tales of the great writer, I just did not read all of them). When I reached the top of the Round tower, I was struck by the beauty of the city. As it seemed to me, millions of chimneys, hundreds of seagulls on the roofs of houses, and for some reason a huge love for basketball, expressed by a huge, as for me, the number of basketball courts.

If you think that you can see something so extraordinary in Copenhagen, then travel to the so-called hippie community called, possibly related to Andersen — Kristiania. Having crossed the threshold of this glorious place, I feel like I got to the distant 60s, inhabited by hippies of all sorts and colors.

Here you can buy all sorts of lotions that will make you one step closer to the children of the sun. Buy yourself a beaded bracelet or a t-shirt with a slogan that will make you blush when you leave this place. The most interesting thing is that you can't take photos here.

Moreover, not only local residents, but also their goods, and in General, unusual decor elements. While at the exit of this definitely original institution, you can see the inscription "Now you are returning to the European Union". Previously, there was a free sale of dope, but about three years ago this idea was stopped by the police because the market for underground weed was gaining huge momentum here.

The sights of Copenhagen will definitely be remembered, I realized this after visiting these two completely opposite places. But then I was waiting for another unique attraction, expressed in the local metro, which is considered one of the youngest due to its technical progress and opening directly in 2002.

The city metro is managed by a specially computer-based substation. But that's not the point. You are separated from the underground road by a wide and high windshield (there are no drivers here, as you already understand). In fact, you will get a ride on a roller coaster, someone may not even like it because of such a busy traffic, although in fact there is only one branch in the city.

The center of Copenhagen is famous for its famous amusement Park called Tivoli, where you can not only ride on the rides you know, but also visit the most famous attraction in all of Denmark.

It is called the Golden Tower, and as you have already traced the analogy with the previous attraction I visited, thanks to this entertainment, you will also be able to look at Copenhagen from a high point. To be precise-this place is unique, the attraction will lift you to a height of almost seventy meters, which will make you feel like a bird.

However, people with heart problems are not allowed here, because, in fact, the load is enormous. There is a Round Tower for such people, and you can also see some nice views of the streets there. It's a great ride, but I'm not going back to it. It rises and falls 2 times, and if the second time I could already consider myself experienced, then the first time. No, I won't say anything.

Then I would travel to the country to the so – called Elsinore, where I would find the Danish countryside, as well as the famous castle dedicated to hamlet-Kronborg. I would not call this place a must-visit, but any aristocrat or someone who considers himself such, can go here to plunge into the dark and mysterious middle ages, represented here in almost the same colors in which we imagined it, thanks to Shakespeare.

If you are really interested, you can sign up for a tour of the castle, but, in fact, the guide will be more philosophical than telling some important and interesting facts. I walked around the castle in proud solitude and was amazed at its beauty, but then I got lost, but not for long, just went to the light at the end of the casemate. Don't forget to throw a coin into the fountain located in the courtyard of this wonderful castle.

By the way, for fans of Hiking desperate walks, I recommend a walk around the surrounding area. And please don't worry about getting to Copenhagen later. All transport, whether it is public, whether the cargo goes in the direction of the capital.

Do not hesitate to be a fellow traveler – just give a thumbs up, and wait until you are offered transport (and, absolutely free) to the city, taking into account the pleasant national company of Danes. They can also tell you a lot of interesting things.

Special attention should also be paid to the beauty of the city located in its vicinity. In this case, the conversation is about urban lakes. What is most interesting, these lakes have Royal names. Here, except for natural beauty, you will not see anything else.

However, I liked to walk along the shore of the lake at sunset and occasionally throw stones at it to check if I was asleep. Here you can also meet similar "cadres" who just come here to think about their lives.

Some people visit these places for yoga or sports, in General, anyone you like. Even couples in love meet. But, all the same, gulls and other winged friends are much higher here than other passers-by.

The next morning I went to the local Dom Cathedral, and to my great surprise I met no one there. Absolutely no one. Naturally, I speak for its surrounding territories, since I did not even go inside.

In appearance, the Cathedral is almost a Gothic (but in fact, I do not even know how to describe this style) architectural structure, striking in its elegance and creating the impression of complete solitude.

Yes, there are services here, but if you want to be alone with yourself, and you do not have time to visit the lake shores, then welcome to the Park of the dome Cathedral. Just you and you.

Another unique place to visit was the cemetery. I honestly want to say that from the maps and navigation, I thought it was a Park, but I didn't scale this green-highlighted area very much.

And initially I could not assume that this is a cemetery, because a similar place was presented in the form of a Central city Park. This place turned out to be the burial place of all the famous figures of this Northern country. Moreover, there is not only Hans Christian Andersen, but also a monument to Niels Bohr and many other political and historical figures.

I was struck by the attitude of the locals to this place. They do not consider it a funeral, you can often see children who carry their drawings to the grave of the great storyteller, and in General, the design of the cemetery is something more vivid.

Just so you know, Denmark borders Sweden, and to be precise, Copenhagen borders the Swedish city of Malma. Previously, these two cities were separated by an impassable water space that could only be counted on a ferry, whereas now there is a huge two-story bridge that can easily cross the local water expanses in a couple of hours.

I especially liked traveling by bus and watching the sea lighthouses, which are lined up in a row at certain times and are a specially laid route for ships.

Finally, you can't just come to Copenhagen and not sit in a local cafe. And for this purpose, there are also their own traditions, such as the Newhavn district (something in tune with New Heaven, but this is my personal guess, although there are some analogies).

This place can be called a historical part of the city with tiled roofs of houses, paved streets and dozens of passing ships. There are at least 25 good places where you can wrap yourself in a blanket on the street and enjoy high-quality Danish coffee on the street.

By the way, prices in Copenhagen for cafes, and in General for food are quite affordable – this can be seen even from the outside. It doesn't matter if it's a big place, restaurant or eatery – there will always be people sitting there, and not like me near the dome Cathedral.

Here, not far away, is the famous Royal Palace, which can please you with the guards, who serve with such equanimity that you immediately want to behave like the notorious Mr. Bean.

And finally, don't forget to visit the historical center of the city, represented by a huge square, as well as the Opera house (all performances are in Danish, so you can not go there).

Before I left for my next destination, I wanted to definitely go from Copenhagen to Moscow, so that I could compare from memory what it was like to live there and here. However, in order not to fill myself with unnecessary thoughts, I silently went to the heart of Denmark to meet other adventures. Whereas this city left only pleasant memories and impressions.


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