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My trip to beautiful Prague

My trip to the Czech Republic. Prague-fell in love forever.

We went to Prague very quickly, in about two months. We booked a hotel, bought insurance and a green card and went to the Visa center in Moscow.

1.we Went to the Czech Republic in our own car. to enter Belarus and the EU countries, you need a green card, it can be issued at any insurance office, we took it to RESO. (It costs about 2500 for 15 days). Roads of course in Europe, noticeably differ from our Russian ones. The driving style in Europe is completely different. Drivers are careful, do not cut, do not push… In General, the drivers there are cultured.

In General, you can get to the Czech Republic by bus (from Moscow there are comfortable, modern buses), train (also very new and comfortable), and of course, plane, the fastest way to get to Prague. 2.to travel to the Czech Republic, you need a Schengen visa, the Visa center made us a visa quickly — in 6 days. 3. the Hotel in Prague was booked in advance through booking. Hotel 3* - located near the metro station, the price included Breakfast and Parking. There are many restaurants and shops nearby. Overall, we liked the hotel. In General, there are a lot of different hotels, Inns and hostels in Prague. You can find a place to stay on any wallet. 4. the Language in the Czech Republic is Czech. Many people in stores and restaurants speak Russian and English. 5. the Currency in the Czech Republic is called the Czech crown (1 crown — 2.68 rubles). Of course, many stores and restaurants accept euros, but believe me, this is not profitable for us, looking at the current Euro exchange rate. We almost everywhere paid with a Bank card quickly and reliably.

6. Prices. Prices in restaurants, stores, etc. Quite adequate. I bought a lot of clothes there. Excellent quality, reasonable prices. 7. Attractions ⛪ app. There are so many places in Prague: Charles bridge, Prague castle, old Town square, St. Peter's Cathedral. Vita, Jewish city, Visegrad, Wenceslas square, dancing house and many others. Looking at all these sights — you fall in love with the city at once. I was struck by the amount of beauty per square meter. 8. What struck me in this country is the number of toilets. They are everywhere. Clean, paid toilets.

9. Food. There is a huge selection of national cuisine in Prague. Soups, pork knuckle, sirloin in cream sauce, duck with apples, oranges and cabbage, etc. But I gave my soul for the Czech trdelnik (trdl). These are muffins cooked over an open fire and sprinkled with nuts and cinnamon. The taste is unreal, again the mouth watered.

10. Czech chocolate-Studentska. It is sold everywhere, from street souvenir shops to supermarkets. Here without comments, you will be in the Czech Republic, be sure to try it!

11. Coffee. ☕ I saw a few local picturesque places — not impressed at all.

12. Well, one of the main drawbacks is Beer. I'm not a beer lover, but being in the Czech Republic and not trying beer is definitely a sin. Beer in Breweries is divine, and even I liked it. We decided to bring home some Czech beer. You can bring 3 liters of any alcohol per person (over 21 years old). But the Czechs themselves do not like beer cans, it is understandable why:)

13. Shopping. There are excellent Shoe stores in Prague. The price range is different. There are budget clothes, and there are expensive ones. BUT the quality is excellent.

14. Souvenirs. In Prague, there are souvenir shops at every step. I am in Prague I bought such a cool Woman — eeek:) and Local attraction cartoon — the mole — Krtek;)))

To sum up, I would like to say that Prague is a beautiful city with a special history. This is now my top spot. If anyone wants to know more, I'll be happy to tell you. Thanks everyone;)


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