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Moving to a new apartment together — signs for a happy life

How to make a successful move to a new apartment-signs perpetuated by the people are ready to suggest a way out. To make your abode truly a stepfather's home, listen to the wisdom of your ancestors.

Old beliefs on the eve of housewarming

Most people have to face moving sooner or later for some reason. Old superstitions will help to make this event pleasant, and life in a new apartment happy.

Throw away the accumulated trash and garbage, without regret — in your new life you will have many more acquisitions.

Moving out of the old house, be sure to move the fire from there to the new home. The source of the light can serve as a candle or lighter, which for some time was in the old apartment. According to signs, the flame is a symbol of protection of the new monastery from the encroachments of evil spirits. And together with it, you can take a brownie when moving.

Do not forget, when leaving the old monastery forever, to take with you a broom that has served for a long time. Brownies like to hide in its bars — you want to take a good neighbor with you? Of course, if the spirit was not positive to you, it is better to leave the broom in the house untouched.

Those who want to live in prosperity will help the following rite of wealth. Scatter more coins on the former territory of your possession — and you will provide yourself with prosperity, and new residents will be pleased.

Be sure to arrange a farewell to your neighbors — do not skimp on treats, let people remember with a good word.

Signs when moving to a new house

It has long been a custom: before settling in a new house, the first to enter the monastery was granted the right to the oldest member of the family. In this way, the younger generation showed their respect to their wise relatives.

However, over the centuries, the sign has acquired a negative interpretation — as if the person who first set foot on the threshold of a new monastery, will leave it faster, and not of their own will (get sick, go to prison, or, worst of all, die).

Fortunately, the next generation did not pay much attention to such stories, and the terrible sign was replaced by another: when a family moves to a new apartment, the head must first cross the threshold.

If you are still worried that the prediction of your ancestors may come true, launch a cat into your new domain ahead of you. Let the animal sniff the room, get used to it, leave it for the night, and move in the next day.

Pay attention to the cat signs for the new apartment:

If after spending the night the cat behaves as if nothing had happened, you can safely settle in a new house.

Look where your pet has settled down to sleep — it is believed that cats are so sensitive that they choose to sleep not just in a cozy, but energetically clean place. Where the animal spent the night, feel free to arrange a sleeping bed — you will always be rested.

By the way, if your property is located in the village, use the ancient Russian custom-to lock a rooster in the house. It is believed that the crowing bird perfectly drives away evil spirits.

As soon as you settle down, invite your guests to a housewarming party. According to tradition, you need to arrange a holiday twice: the first time close relatives gather, the second — friends. The main thing is that they follow the signs when choosing a gift.

What to give for a housewarming-omens

Crossing the threshold of the apartment, invited guests, according to custom, throw a coin on the floor, wishing prosperity. However, don't give money in any case, even if the owners of the residential area are currently experiencing financial difficulties. Such a gift will lead them to poverty.

Everyone knows the Slavic saying "bread is the head of everything". Thanks to it, the custom was born to bring a loaf to the owners for housewarming, as a symbol of prosperity, satiety and a full table. Bread was usually presented on a towel embroidered with green and red threads, which prophesies longevity and wealth.

A comfortable existence will be provided by a gift of a money tree (tolstyanka) or a piggy Bank chosen from the heart — just do not give it empty! Throw several coins of different denominations inside the container.

According to the next acceptance, when entering a new apartment, the owners can be given a souvenir that has a connection with water — an aquarium, a room fountain. With this gift, guests show a sincere desire for the family to live in harmony and comfort, so that the house was a full Cup. In parallel, water protects from negativity and cleanses the energy of the room.

Do you know why in the old days it was customary to give a horseshoe to new settlers for luck? Hung over the entrance door from the inside, it is considered a good luck charm and a protective talisman against evil spirits.

If you receive a gift of a flower vase or tableware, know that you are wished prosperity and wealth.

And the presented lamps and all kinds of candles will not only become a beautiful decoration of the room, but will also protect the peace and pleasant atmosphere prevailing in the house.

Iconic signs for the owners of a new apartment

To quickly settle in and make your home home, follow the rules reflected in the signs. Here they are:

On the first day, open the Windows and doors in the house, wash the floors to get rid of someone else's energy.

Additionally, you can place Church candles in the corners and open the taps — all the negative will burn or leak.

If you do not follow the decision — when moving, you forgot about the house-you will have to welcome it. To do this, prepare treats for the housekeeper: some sweet wine, sweets and cakes. Put it somewhere in a corner for the night. If you find food missing in the morning, it means that you managed to appease the brownie, and he accepted your offer to be friends.

Do not use mirrors left over from previous owners. This accessory is chosen by otherworldly entities as a portal, and is also a powerful accumulator of human emotions, get rid of other people's property.

In housing that requires repair, try not to move in until you finish finishing work-otherwise, you risk, according to beliefs, losing prosperity, and everything in the house will break and collapse.

So, we have armed ourselves with signs, now it remains to be patient and cheerful - let an optimistic mood help you to bear the hassle of moving and changing your place of residence.


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