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Moulin Rouge in Paris.

Moulin Rouge is not just a world-famous cabaret, for many tourists this place is a symbol of Paris. The red mill was opened in 1889 in the Montmartre district. Its peculiarity was that the enchanting performances were attended by both middle-class and upper-class people, such as Oscar Wilde, Picasso, and even the Prince of Wales.

Moulin Rouge and French cancan shows

The highlight of the Moulin Rouge is the famous French cancan ("natural quadrille"). This dance was invented by celest Mogado in 1850. Cancan so shocked the public that it was his post-impressionist Toulouse-Lautrec began to depict on posters and signs of the Moulin Rouge, which are famous throughout Paris and beyond France. Red mill shows are known all over the world, and it is here that all the beauties of the capital gather. Professional dancers, feathers, glitter, fanfare-this is what makes the atmosphere of Moulin Rouge truly unique. In between performances, the audience can enjoy circus tricks, performances by clowns and magicians. Once in the Moulin Rouge, it is impossible not to plunge into the bright colors, noise, fun and the spirit of a real French cabaret.

How do I buy tickets to Moulin Rouge?

Entrance ticket to the Moulin Rouge costs from 100 euros. The cost of the show along with half a bottle of real French champagne will cost about 109 euros per person, and when ordering dinner – approximately 170, 180 or 210 euros (depending on the choice of dishes). These prices are not valid on New year's eve. It is advisable to book tickets in advance (preferably several months in advance), because there are no fixed seats. Upon arrival at the Moulin Rouge, You will be shown to Your table. Practice shows that the earlier the ticket was ordered, the closer the seats are to the stage.

Is it even worth attending a show in Moulin Rouge?

Great question. Expensive, eroticism is not enough. It doesn't seem to be enough for a strip club. But the thing is, it's a cabaret. If a historical show and a historical unique place. This is not shown anywhere else, and if there is – then parodies. Imagine that Edith Piaf started on this stage, artists, poets, princes and kings were among the audience, everyone came here to drool over this lively French can-can. And what could be more French than Moulin Rouge: girls, erotica, can-can, skirts in the color of the French flag, champagne – it's all here.

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