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What are the benefits of morning sex The first thing that morning sex is useful for is its similarity to morning gymnastics. During intimacy, the body uses all the muscles that usually work when doing sports. Therefore, it is not surprising that couples who practice sex in the morning feel cheerful, active and at ease during the day.

Despite the fact that most couples are used to sex in the evening and at night, intimacy in the morning can also bring a variety to their sex life.

Despite the fact that most couples are used to sex in the evening and at night, intimacy in the morning can also bring variety to their sex life.

From a psychological point of view, intimacy in the morning is also useful. First, it increases self-esteem, and secondly, it is a great motivation to take care of yourself, because knowing that in the morning there will be sex, partners are not lazy to take evening procedures. It is also important to know that in the morning, the concentration of hormones that awaken passion is much higher than in the evening. This means that the feeling of intimacy will be brighter, but the duration of sex-less. It is not necessary to associate this with physiological problems – it is just the way the human body works, and this is normal.

What are the disadvantages of sex in the morning Sex in the morning has not only pros, but also cons, although they are insignificant. The main disadvantages of morning intimacy include: Unsightly appearance of partners in the morning; Too slow and lazy to Wake up; The rush was due to the lack of time in the morning. However, these disadvantages are not physiological, but imposed by society, so they can be easily managed. Also, some psychologists note that the partner and partner may not have the same biorhythms. If both partners are "larks", they can easily catch the same time for intimacy. However, if one of the partners is an "owl", it is very difficult to do this, because his body will still be asleep

and is unlikely to feel anything.

As practice shows, with age, these boundaries become more compatible, which allows partners to practice sex at any time of the day without compromising their health and well-being.

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