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Model business: myths and reality

The world of fashion is contradictory and mysterious. At least, that's what most people think. Why is this happening? Maybe because of ignorance, maybe because of the dominance of stereotypes, or maybe because of fear or envy. Let's look at the thirteen most common myths about modeling.

Myth 1. To work as a holiday.

Being a model is interesting, but difficult. Do you have an idea about the shooting process and its duration? Twelve hours a day with a half-hour break is considered normal. How would you feel if you had to get to 15 different points on the map of a large city, located in different areas, without fluency in the language and any idea of transport communications? Easy? And when you get to the right place, you should look very good and pose well. Shooting is not necessarily done in studios. Sometimes you need to advertise swimsuits at a temperature of +12. What can you do, prepare the sledge in summer, and the cart in winter. Swimsuits on the same principle are shown long before everyone leaves for the resorts. It often happens that you have to show coats up to your feet in the summer heat, because the customer is a fur salon that has purchased a lot of fur coats on credit and wants to sell everything as quickly as possible. Does all this still seem like an easy vacation to you?

But no one is going to frighten you. Working as a model means meeting interesting people, traveling to different countries, including exotic ones, and meeting celebrities… Do you like it?

Myth 2. to be a model is to lead an immoral lifestyle.

When the model came to the Agency – she had already sold herself, or rather realized her beauty, skills, and, most importantly, charisma. She was paid for this not only with money, but also with recognition, opportunities… This completes the trading of the model itself. Now the model itself is trying to sell as much as possible of the product that it advertises (clothing, accessories, perfumes, etc.). Advertising makes it possible for everyone to feel what you can only feel if you have such a product. And if a girl or a guy of unearthly beauty takes care of this, then this product will attract attention faster. And how much product can a model with black eyes after a club night, a flabby face from cigarette smoke, swollen after a drink, and generally having a stale appearance sell? Do you like this product? It's more likely to scare off customers. Therefore, customers prefer girls who have a healthy and fresh appearance.

Myth 3. Overseas models are waiting for sexual slavery.

Actually, why do I need to go abroad? The fact is that the model business is poorly developed in the CIS countries. We have few customers, their ability to pay leaves much to be desired, well-paid work for models is not enough, which means that there is less opportunity to gain experience and build a career. But we have much more beautiful girls than in the West, which ensures the demand for our models. In the West, modeling is much older, there are more customers, jobs, fees, and prospects… It may seem paradoxical, but models abroad feel safer than in the CIS. Are you sure that in case of unforeseen circumstances, the police will want to help you? Funny. But in Turkey, for example, the police are respected, and the law is respected by both the rich and officials. If you work under a contract, are in the country legally, the police will force the customer to fulfill all the conditions. The court there is not a priori corrupt!

You should not be afraid of going abroad. When preparing a girl to work for a foreign Agency, she receives a legally issued guarantee of her own safety. It can maintain a constant connection with the family, since the place of residence is usually equipped with wi-fi. Her presence in another country is the responsibility of an agent, to whom she can complain in case of misunderstandings. Thus, a trip abroad is a happy chance to get into the center of the fashion industry, rapidly rise up, receive decent fees, and see many interesting corners of our planet!

Myth 4. It is all about the bed.

The customer has a specific project for which he needs, for example, a green-eyed brunette. If you are a blue-eyed blonde, sleep with him at least 20 times – you will not become the one who is needed, your type does not fit, you will not be taken! It's the same with agencies. The employer evaluates your ability to walk, pose, and not... (no further comments). Whether you sleep with someone in the modeling business or not is your own business. Sorry, accountants can also have sex with employees, so why does everyone only talk about models? Are they not human? The bed is nothing but a personal relationship, not a solution. And work and personal life are completely different things. Moreover, not much men-employers and seek to drag the model into bed, it is not profitable for them. Girls usually sit on their heads after sex. It will be impossible to work with them after this.

Myth 5. All models become prostitutes.

Like any other business, modeling often intersects with crime. On the other hand, any organization that provides erotic services calls its employees (in fact, prostitutes) masseuses, models, in order to increase their status. Often, girls from the modeling business move to others, believing that there is easier work and more earnings. Sometimes it's true, but what's behind it? Around these models, pimps and organizers of escort services constantly hang around, because the qualities that girls possess are important to them. That's the whole affinity of the modeling business with prostitution. And it depends only on the model whether it will agree to "earn extra money" or move away from this type of activity. No one can force it, everyone is the Creator of their own destiny.

As a rule, good agents are interested in protecting their clients from questionable contacts: they change their real name, leave their own phone number instead of the model's, and explain everything if necessary. Everything else is a matter of choosing a model.

Myth 6. Models are constantly starving.

Nutrition, as you know, is a mandatory component of a healthy lifestyle. If the power supply mode is broken, the model will not look good. In addition, she will not be able to run through auditions and presentations, which happen 12-15 times a day. This is physically impossible. Sometimes models have to eat in fast food stores, because there is not enough time and money for the best food.

Myth 7. money models do not bite the hens

Before going abroad, the girl attends auditions (sometimes 10-15 per day!) organized by different agencies. To provide financial support for the participation of the model (food, accommodation, travel, etc.), the Agency pays for it in debt. The model must work out this money. It often happens that the girl eventually suffers a loss, that is, she does not earn money and remains in debt. This is a dramatic path to the top. For some reason, they do not like to discuss it while they are already there. They only discuss high-profile events: success, wealth, expensive purchases, etc. Sometimes models don't get paid for their work at all. It just gets experience. So if a girl doesn't have her own sponsors, she doesn't live fat.

Myth 8. The model is bound to be beautiful.

The generally accepted concept of beauty and beauty in the modeling world are different. The fashion world has its own rules. For example, curvy hips, which are evaluated differently even in different countries, are considered a hindrance in modeling. A girl can just not fit into clothes at the show. The basis of the model's image is her face. They create on it, so it should be neutral. A beautiful, bright face can only create one image, and the model must implement several images in one day or even one viewing. Too tall a girl in life can tolerate ridicule, but on the podium she will not be equal. It's the same with Breasts: large Breasts, so attractive outside of the fashion world, can make the image heavier. There are many other points that cannot be listed in this article. However, there are quite frequent coincidences when a beautiful image of a girl both on the podium and in life are combined.

Myth 9. the life of a model is a series of competition and substitutions.

Competition has long ceased to be relevant, the myth of its dominance has passed from competitions. There are really terrible cases when broken glass is put in a compact, needles are put in shoes. These atrocities, fortunately, are becoming less frequent. In fact, models often make friends, share experience, information about agencies, and help newcomers in a foreign city. Many programs can only be implemented in partnership with each other. And that rules out a set-up.

Myth 10. Models are very stupid.

Do you still believe in the stereotype that a woman can be either smart or beautiful? A stupid beauty can only Shine brightly, work out a maximum of one season and ... everything. Modeling is a complex business, where there are relationships with employees, partners and clients, a lot of legal and financial issues, rules and criteria. The model can not be stupid because you will not be able to present themselves and get a contract. External data is not a guarantee of success.

Myth 11. 25 – the end of a career.

The fate of a career is influenced not by biological age, but by appearance. Look around: many people in their 20s look like they are in their 30s, and many people in their 40s are popular. Everything is very individual. A model who looks fresh and healthy determines the end date of her career. If at the age of 30 you are popular with customers-feel free to work. People who work in the fashion world are not numerous, so all the myths come from those who are not related to modeling.

Myth 12. Models dress expensively.

It often happens that the model creates such a successful image that the customer of the show gives her these clothes. Sometimes the wardrobe goes to the model instead of money. This happens if the thing is pret-a-port. No one will give you an exclusive from Dior! At the casting, they dress so that the figure is visible, i.e. simply and with taste. We can't talk about expensive things. And we have already discussed the income of most models, especially beginners. Then where is the ground for this myth.

Myth 13. Models live in luxury apartments or mansions

This is what happens when a model has become recognized and entered the TOP list. Then her income can provide such a home. But at the beginning of their professional career, the girls live in an Agency apartment or a rented one, and the rental cost is deducted from their future income. The apartment is usually economy class, live for 3-5 people. This is normal. It is unlikely that all this will be easy to understand for a person who is far from the world of fashion and from understanding its mechanisms. Most people live by stereotypes. There is nothing wrong with this, it is important not to be afraid of not getting into the world of models because of them. The road will be mastered by the one who goes, not by the one who follows the rumors. Listen to your heart and mind, not the gossip of losers who justify their shortcomings with myths.


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