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Men's secrets

How does a man show his love to a woman? What is a man most afraid of in a relationship? Why does a man need an imaginary rating? These and other secrets concerning the men's psychology in love and today we will try to discover. Almost all men and women have secrets that they are in no hurry to share with each other. A woman most likely will not reveal the number of past Affairs or the cost of a new purse to her beloved man, just as a man is unlikely to rush to brag about his past victories or share topics of discussion of men's gatherings. Some things men really prefer to hide from women, although some of their secrets are not secrets, because from the point of view of men, they are obvious things that are not subject to discussion.

But because of ignorance or lack of understanding of the subtleties of male psychology, it is difficult for women to learn not only to understand men, but to build a harmonious relationship with them. That is why we will try to reveal a few important secrets about men that every woman should know.

Expressing your feelings Men's psychology is designed in such a way that the natural need to share the state of their emotions and feelings is manifested in them much less often than in us women. Most men prefer to make a decision and act independently instead of long discussions of a problem in a difficult life situation. At the same time, it is not easy for women to understand why their loved one does this: they do not ask for advice, do not share their inner experiences, plans and dreams.

Why do men make a secret of it? This is not only due to their secrecy, the desire not to look weak and helpless in the eyes of the woman they love. This is primarily due to a certain feature of the male nature, which consists in the difficulty of expressing their emotions and feelings in words. And the secret of any man is that he secretly wants his beloved to understand him without words. That is why a man shows his feelings in actions, not words, even if such desirable as " I love you!". So don't rush to be offended that he had not loved you, but you can see he cares for you like repair the faucet or shelf in the bathroom, like "saves" you from a large insect – change your life for the better. Although quite often, taking up the solution to any even small problems such as fixing an iron, your favorite is unlikely to admit that he is not sure of success. That is why often your man does not immediately rush to fix something or nail it. And instead of being offended or nagging him, remember this little secret and do not rush him with repairs – this is at least. And as a maximum-do not rush with advice. He'll figure it out for himself, believe me.

Another important male secret –

How good is he in bed

Almost every man is not completely sure of his advantages in bed, with the exception of experienced philanderers. The other men always feel a sense of excitement about himself as a sexual partner. And with age, this excitement manifests itself more strongly. Each man determines his masculine strength by the duration of the act, the number and duration of orgasms that a woman experiences with him. But only a loving woman knows exactly how to reduce the level of anxiety of a man in bed, relax and learn to get maximum pleasure yourself. And finally, the most important secret of male psychology. It concerns male dominance as the main factor of manifestation of any man in this world. And this

Position in the men's rating

There is an unwritten rating of manhood, and every normal man constantly fights for a higher place in it. Any decision, action, action, step a man regards as a reason to achieve a higher position. Women's rating looks somewhat different and simpler: married or not, how you look, the level of wealth of your family and your opportunities that open up due to this. And for a man, everything is important: what he has done, decided, discovered, created, what he owns, what he is the best at. In short, any step is an opportunity for him to become cooler. Either he's a hero compared to other men, or... This is why men never do anything for nothing, unlike us women. We can chat for hours about nothing or just wander around boutiques without a specific purpose. Men are always set up for the opportunity to increase their rating. They are always tense, because they are constantly competing and fighting. Even just meeting, a man immediately exchanges ratings: your position, salary, car, house, woman, etc. The criteria for comparison are status, strength, intelligence, career, power, recognition. Moreover, men with different rating levels have no grounds for convergence, except that both occupy similar positions in different criteria. For example, a famous athlete is friends with an established businessman. A woman who is superior to a man in the rating, it is impossible to create a serious relationship with him. This is especially true for those criteria that are vital for a man. Because of the natural tendency of a man to store experiences inside, from the outside it seems that he is calm, confident and indifferent to the needs of a woman. This is a mistake. Many men, even the most advanced, in most cases it is difficult and scary to meet a girl for fear of public rejection. Every man is afraid of disappointments in a relationship with a woman, so he is not in a hurry to transfer them to the permanent stage. And a man has a deep fear that the woman he loves may not give him the right to Express himself fully in order to make her happy. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of feeling necessary and desirable for every man. He wants the woman he loves to believe in him, despite life's difficulties and mistakes. As you can see, knowing the secrets of male psychology allows women to understand what a man feels at any stage of the relationship. This helps to build a truly serious and harmonious relationship that suits both partners.

What secrets do you know about men?


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