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Men in Stuttgart - what are they like?

Men in Germany are a very popular and interesting topic for discussion among women. So today I will tell You all about German men, about their features, appearance, character, disadvantages and advantages.

Someone says that they do not have a sense of humor, they are not romantic, greedy, boring, etc.Someone says that they are all tall blondes with the bodies of Greek gods, endowed with no less elevated sense of style and phenomenal intelligence. The rest of them think that they are just ordinary men who are no different from Russians or Ukrainians. But all this is either exaggeration or understatement. Personally, I am of the opinion that the personality of the man himself plays a primary role, and then the influence of the mentality and place of residence, and not Vice versa. Therefore, each German should be evaluated personally, and not as a crowd of equally programmed robots living on the same territory.

So what are German men like?

Men always show themselves differently in different life situations and in communicating with different people, but still there are features that are characteristic of most. Judging by the stories of friends and personal observations, I will highlight some features that may seem both attractive and repulsive, depending on your personal preferences.

German men - what are they like?Appearance. Indeed, most of the male half of the population of Germany has an impressive growth (on average, 185-190 cm, in Russia-175 cm), so if you are a small woman, then you will think they are just giants. Mostly German men-fair-haired with beautiful features and most often with a good figure, since sports are a priority for local people.

They also carefully monitor their appearance: they dress beautifully, smell nice, and are always washed, shaved, and combed. The Germans do not neglect care cosmetics, can use creams and follow the manicure. Thanks to this set, it is often assumed that you are not walking down the street, but on the catwalk during a fashion show. Well, as a result, our women who came to Germany, in the first days go around the city smitten. But appearance is not everything!

If we talk about education, then in communicating with any person, German men show gallantry, politeness and respect, they are always tolerant and attentive to their partner or interlocutor, especially to women. In General, the topic of equality between men and women is very relevant in Germany, because all Germans stand for equality between the sexes. A man always respects a woman's choice and listens to her words. This is quite a normal situation when the wife earns more than the husband and he takes care of the children and the household while she is working or even goes on maternity leave instead of her (in Germany, both parents are entitled to maternity leave).

As for character and emotionality, German men are very calm and collected, a violent display of feelings is not about them. They don't fight in the streets, they don't brawl in stores, they don't brawl in bars. Self-control and equanimity-this is the principle of the Germans. This is what often irritates Russian women, as it is difficult to achieve from a man crazy actions and wild passion, which sometimes so much you want. You can't say that men are very reserved in the expression of feelings. They are friendly and friendly, but they are certainly not as emotional, for example, as the Spaniards. Plates will not be broken for sure. And, just like all men, they do not tolerate tears, tantrums and screams. They are open and honest, and prefer to talk about some problem or situation.

Also characteristic of the Germans is the lack of unfounded statements and empty promises. If they say that they will do something or give something to a woman, they have already thought it out in advance, and now they will try to back up their words with actions. They keep their word, as do most men.

As for the attitude to money, the Germans are not greedy, but rather economical and prudent. It is not surprising, knowing about the current taxes and the price of an apartment! They distribute their funds very rationally, know how to spend and save money wisely. Thus, they will never buy a gift that they can not afford, just to make a good impression, but they will always please a woman who cares about a small, but pleasant, and most importantly practical present.

For Germans, education and self-development play a very important role in life. They spend a lot of time studying, reading, taking different courses, improving their skills and are constantly interested in something new. They always have something to talk about. Besides, what could be sexier than smart men?

The mentality of the German man is characterized by such national traits as neatness and hard work. They value their jobs, status and stability, as well as punctuality. Most men value themselves, their achievements and want to receive recognition of their success from others. Oddly enough, most German men are modest, although they are quite confident.

German men are also very interested in technology and cars. Auto-indicator of the status that is important to them. They like to show off their car to each other.

guy-1424911_960_7201 another interesting feature of the Germans is the ability to appreciate what is already there and find happiness in it, without striving for unattainable ideals. The quality is very controversial, actually. For the most part, German residents belong to the middle class, they are happy with their position, work and place of residence, and do not plan any global changes. They are quite satisfied with what they have come to and the only task is to maintain stability. They are soberly aware of their needs/opportunities and live up to them.

I have described the most basic and common features of the strong half of the German population and, as I have already said, everything is strictly individual. No one denies that the Germans are short brunettes with an explosive character, this also happens, but the main picture I described above.

I hope that the article was useful and interesting


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