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Married to a Croat, explore the Croats for marriage

Croatia is a country with an excellent environment, a mild climate and a stable political environment. It is not surprising that many would like to move there for permanent residence. Any representative of the fair sex has a chance to realize this dream, you only need to meet a Croat and marry him. However, not all ladies have the opportunity to start Dating in Croatia, but there are other options. You should definitely use them. For example, you can go to a Dating site with Croats for marriage, register on it, fill out a questionnaire and upload the best photos.

Men Croats, familiarity with the Croats

Croats men: calm, unhurried, balanced, strong, healthy in every sense, work in between a glass of wine or a Cup of cava. A Croat man loves women, but not a womanizer. Calmly treats women, even when he loves (without tears and unnecessary emotions). He teases that he will" buy " another wife if she leaves him. Men know their own worth and despite the fact that girls in Croatia have equality in everything: they drink and smoke the same as guys, and sometimes more and will not yield to them in health, but still the Croatian man is a leader. If you want to get acquainted with a Croat to start a family, get married successfully, you should also know that unlike Russian men, a typical Croat looks like a real athlete. This applies to men 31-39 years old.

Dating Croats on Dating sites for correspondence, communication, friendship, love, and family creation.

If you plan to meet a rich Croat on a Dating site for correspondence, communication, friendship, love, and family creation, you will learn that Croatian men live 20-25 years longer than Russian men. In Croatia and the Russian more real man than in the homeland, play a role: climate, sun, water, healthy and natural food, moderate work, good sex, almost no stress and fanatical passion for sports.

Croats are Catholic. The percentage of divorces (relative to other countries) is not very high - 23% (in Russia 51%) Family values for Croats are one of the first places. They honor family traditions and are in close contact with their parents. Croatian men usually marry no earlier than 30-35 years. They may live in a civil marriage for years and are in no hurry to register the relationship. Croats are loving dads, and I see dads with children more often in playgrounds than moms. But let's leave normal men-loving, caring, reliable, cherishing family and children. They are about the same everywhere.

Croatia is a resort country full of tourists and tourists from all over the world all year round. Here 5 months of beach season – sea, sun, beaches, girls in bikinis, some of which come specifically for resort novels. This has left an imprint on the behavior of men. The atmosphere of flirtation is in the air. People are relaxed, carefree, easy and do not mind to start a holiday romance. Rapt looks, smiles, compliments, signs of attention... But these are not the greasy, undressing looks that Turkish macho men bestow on women. There is no such thing as clicking your tongue and saying, " Natasha, come on, I'll show you something you've never seen» I saw such a macho guy in a Turkish hotel. Every evening, he offered to show the new girl the source of the sea and gently led her to his room. According to his version, the sea began there) In Croatia, everything is easier, calmer, no one is imposed on anyone and no one is dragging anyone anywhere. Everything is extremely delicate and by Love and mutual consent.

Here they are, Croatian men - even in retirement do not lose their charm, use any opportunity to flirt and feel young.


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