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We saw and heard a lot of positive reviews and impressions, which we want to share with you!

We present to your attention 10 very interesting facts about Holland, as well as about a Dutch husband.


The very first thing that most people in Holland admire is clean air. Here, absolutely everyone cares about health and the environment. Here you will not see people throwing wrappers in the street, spitting out gum and throwing out cigarette butts. You won't find plastic dishes in houses and apartments, and water is used very rationally here, because it is a natural resource. Here, even from the taps, healthy drinking water flows! Dutch women not only do not wear fur products, but even appearing on the street in such an outfit is considered something outrageous. The people of Holland are real conservationists! And this is really amazing!


The Netherlands is a land of very active people. At any time of the day or night, going out into the street, you will 100% meet those who ride a bike or go jogging.

Economy and rationalism in everything

Dutch men do not waste money left and right. They accumulate their capital: for the education of future children, for home, wedding and travel.


The Dutch education system is strikingly different from the one we are used to in Russia and Ukraine. Children go to school at the age of 4. They are divided into groups depending on the level of development and mental data. Thus, each child will feel as comfortable as possible. Homework assignments are given only after grade 4 and only once a week. But when it comes to getting higher education, everything is much more complicated here. To get a diploma, you need to study here, study and study a hundred more times! In the Netherlands, only professionals graduate from universities.

Attitude towards girls and women

The Dutch are not full of compliments, but these men are ideal husbands and family men! Wives for them are the most sacred women, they adore children and after work they always rush to family gatherings for dinner. This opinion is unanimous. They hardly drink, they work very hard and care about family well-being. If a Dutchman wants to make you a present, then get ready to get something practical and really necessary.

The appearance of men

The Dutch are valued among girls from other European countries precisely for their appearance, in the first place. Their distinctive feature is growth. The Dutch are all tall and handsome. There are practically no ugly peasants here. This is lovely! The Dutch watch their diet and shape, go in for sports and lead an active life position.

Relationship with a Dutchman

On the streets of Holland, it is not acceptable to express your emotions about your other half. You rarely see couples hugging and kissing. However, the men there are very positive and kind, you will not get bored with them! If you decide to marry a Dutchman, be ready to have children only after 30 years. Here, as a law, to live well for yourself at first, to ride around the world.


In Holland, the wedding ring is also worn on the right hand. Wide wedding feasts in the spirit of "walk your soul" are not welcome, only a narrow family circle. There are no fancy dresses, no corteges, no pigeons. The restaurant serves only light salads, snacks, fruits and wine on the tables of food.

Attitude towards children

As we said, the Dutch adore children. The methodology of their upbringing is different from the one we are used to. Children can do anything there! Although they are not limited in "want" and "give", they grow up to be very adequate young people! Dutch grandmothers and grandfathers do not care for their grandchildren, but, for a long time, they will not be able to leave their chat. Holland retirees feel great and enjoy their travels around the world!



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