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Marriage with a priestess of love. Why do men marry prostitutes

Life gives several family stories in which women in the past or still earn by providing intimate services. Psychologists explain why men chose them.

Too good to refuse

Mila is 31 years old, her boyfriend Sergei is 25 years old, and he knows about her past. Sergei understands that with his ordinary appearance and a small salary, a decent girl of such unearthly beauty will never pay attention to him. Therefore, he chose a beautiful woman with a dubious past, ready to build a relationship with him. Mila likes the guy too, she wants a family and children. "He knows all about me, but he still loves me and has accepted me for who I am," Mila explains.

Psychotherapist Anna Sofman believes that such a relationship may be a cynical calculation. After all, if you consider marriage as a transaction, the chances of getting the right set of services for certain amounts with a professional are greater.

— If we are talking about an elite escort, then the girl already knows how to look after herself, rotate in the right society, she will not refuse sexual claims of any complexity and claim disinterested romance more than necessary, - says Anna. In addition, having a prostitute wife who is popular with more successful men is also a fairly common male fantasy. But only the most risky representatives of the stronger sex can implement it.

Priestesses of love are waiting for the Prince

According to the administrators of salons and employees of underground brothels, such marriages are rather an exception to the rule: no more than 3-5% of prostitutes marry clients. Often men just use girls, playing on their feelings and desire to have a family. — More often, the initiators of these novels are clients who want to avoid paying money, and priestesses who agree to such relationships think: "Oh, this is love! He will marry me." But only somewhere in 3% of cases, the relationship develops into a marriage. This phenomenon is very rare and, in my opinion, unnecessary, but it still happens... Probably, love is really some kind of crazy or the myth that "the best wife is a former prostitute"works. At the same time, men can be from completely different strata of society, different characters — - shares observations of the brothel administrator Angelica.

The administrator of a massage salon with an "extended range of services" Anastasia believes that the reason for such marriages is the disappointment of customers in decent girls, a bad experience. Men hope that prostitutes in marriage do not change, they are already tired of it, they have worked up, so they will appreciate the relationship, hold on to the husband who gave them a chance to start a new life. — Everyone goes through an affair with a client, but it doesn't work out well: clients rarely get married. And that's because the girl worked for the man: knows male psychology, presses the right buttons, causes emotions that some men confuse with love. There are also married businessmen who think that they have really fallen in love, and they leave the family. But more often it is just a father's feelings and pity, which the priestess skillfully plays, - says the employee of the salon Snezana. But most often, according to the girls, potential husbands are either squishy or Alphonse, who are primarily concerned with personal comfort, and not the ethical side of the issue.


These men are satisfied that next to him is a beautiful girl who also brings money. Oleg works as a small clerk, his girlfriend Nastya earns in one of the solid underground salons, providing escort services. When a couple goes to restaurants, she pays. The girl also pays for major purchases, including a loan for his car. He knows how she gets the money, but he pretends to close his eyes. And in the end, everyone is happy. Or are they pretending?

- Friends believe that Oleg uses me, and I love him and this. We got married when I got pregnant so that the baby would be born in a normal family. We have no doubt that the child is from my husband: I always protect myself with clients. While I am temporarily not working, the term is already long. But after the birth of the child, I will return to my previous place, — says Nastya.

Indeed, men of this category do not care where the money comes from. There is no feeling of jealousy or possessiveness, since if a man is supported by a woman, he is no longer able to experience most of the male feelings and does not have the qualities of the stronger sex.

Bad luck in your personal life

Sometimes this marriage is based on male complexes. Insecure men who have difficulty entering into personal relationships become attached to those who have already let them get close to them. — If a female prostitute has shown sufficient sensitivity and understanding, then the man will most likely turn to her again, so as not to risk a new acquaintance. This is how attachment is gradually developed.

Could it be love?

But the men themselves among the reasons that prompted them to marry prostitutes, first of all call love. Rarely, but it does happen.

End of the story

To all the girls, even the most corrupt, I want to believe in true love. But the past can make itself felt at any moment. Envious well-wishers will prick their eyes with facts from their previous life at every conflict, men will molest, remembering the rich practice of a former prostitute, others may try to manipulate, blackmailing the past.


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