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Marbella in Spain is not called "Spanish Monaco"for nothing. This is one of the most fashionable and fashionable resorts in the country, which combines European chic and Andalusian flavor, ancient history and modern luxury service, elegant luxury and a holiday atmosphere.


Marbella stretches for 27 km along Golden beaches and the sparkling Mediterranean sea. It is protected from the winds by the high slopes of the Sierra Blanca mountains and has a unique microclimate. There are 320 Sunny days a year, the average annual temperature is + 18oC, there is no sweltering heat in the summer, and the winters are mild and warm. And the very name of the city means "beautiful sea".


The history of Marbella begins with the ancient settlements of the Iberians, where the Phoenicians mined iron ore, the Romans built baths and villas, the city was under the rule of the Visigoths and the Caliphate of Cordova, and was liberated by the Catholic kings in 1485. Until the 1940s, Marbella remained a quiet fishing village – until Prince don Alfonso de Hohenloene and Marquis Ricardo Soriano purchased estates here, where they invited their friends, who appreciated the natural beauty and beautiful climate of the town. Since then, Marbella has become very popular with the rich and famous, and has become one of the most luxurious resorts in Spain.


Marbella in Spain is not only a fashionable resort, but also a city with a rich history and architectural monuments of different eras. The old city consists of two districts – Barrio Alto and Barrio Nuevo, and is centered around the Playa Naranjos or Orange square with citrus trees, a fountain of the XVI century, the chapel of hermita de Santiago of the XV century, an elegant Municipal building and the House of the Corregidor of the XVI century, decorated with an unusual arcade. In the historical center is the current Church of St. Nicholas.In the center of the Old city, there are the ruins of a 15th-century Arab fortress built on Roman ruins.there is a charming chapel with a bell tower decorated with bright ceramic tiles, and the best flamenco school in Marbella.

From the Old town to the waterfront leads a beautiful Avenue Avendida del Mar, which displays authentic sculptures of Salvador Dali. Paintings by Dali, as well as Picasso, Miro, Tapies and other great artists can be admired in the Museum of modern Spanish engraving, located in the Gothic building of the Basan hospital of the XVI century. The Golden mile is home to the Rally Museum with a unique art collection including works by Chagall, Dali, Miro, Andre Mason and max Ernst, and the Municipality building houses an Archaeological Museum with a rich display of ancient finds from the region.


Along the coast of Marbella stretch 24 beautiful beaches with Golden sand, clear azure sea and excellent infrastructure. The best of them are considered San Pedro Alcantara and Carihuella, among other popular beaches: Babalu, don Carloy, Cabopipo, Venus with dark sand, Las Dunas, Del Faro, located near the lighthouse, and the beach in the area of the largest sports port in the Mediterranean, Puerto Banus, which is also a "Mecca" of glamour.


From the port of Banus to the center of Marbella is a 6-kilometer Golden mile, where there are marinas for luxury yachts and luxury villas, the aristocratic village of Nueva Andalusia and the summer Palace of the king of Saudi Arabia, fine restaurants, expensive boutiques, trendy Nightclubs and first-class casinos. And in the center of Puerto Banus stands a huge bronze sculpture of Zurab Tsereteli "Victory".

In the picturesque Park of Arollo de La Represa, you can walk through the Botanical garden with exotic plants and see the collection of miniature trees in the bonsai Museum. The city's oldest Park, Aalmed, has a small Botanical garden with Mediterranean flora, as well as local artists selling their work and musicians performing.

The cultural life of Marbella is full of events. In addition to national holidays, many other events are held here: international jazz, Opera and film festivals, reggae and independent theater festivals. In June, an open-air festival dedicated to the city's patron Saint, Saint Barnabas, lasts for a whole week, and throughout July, one of Europe's largest music and entertainment festivals, starlight, takes place.


Marbella is a great place to stay with children. You can go to the water Park, ride in unusual inflatable spheres in the Park SphereMania, kids will love the rides in the Pirate Park, and in the unusual private Museum Painting Cats and Dogs, you can not only see a collection of paintings from around the world with images of dogs and cats, but also order a portrait of your pet.


Marbella is 59 km from Malaga international airport.


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