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Makeup for a date.

Point-blank shot: the perfect makeup for a first date.

MAKEUP FOR A DATE: MAKING A MAKE-UP THAT WILL MAKE A MAN LOSE HIS HEAD Makeup for a date is a responsible business. In order not to frighten your chosen one with too bold coloring, remember the main rule: on the first date, naturalness should rule the ball. It is better to charm a young person in a natural way, rather than with a plentiful make-up. But when it comes to subsequent meetings, you can give free rein to your imagination: for late evening meetings, bright colors are suitable, but in the afternoon and early evening everything should be just the opposite.

MAKEUP FOR A DATE TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE PLACE AND TIME OF DAY For a day walk or meeting in a cafe, the simplest make-up is suitable. A minimum of tonal means (you can do with a light fluid base), light shadows, slightly colored cilia or thin arrows. Remember: most men almost do not distinguish between colored lipsticks. Then the best option is either to leave the lips without lipstick at all, or use an unobtrusive gloss. Eyebrows should also not be strongly highlighted.

For an evening date or meeting in night establishments, you can make a bolder make-up. Dark shadows with a share of shimmer, luxurious black lashes and Flirty arrows will perfectly fit into the image. If you do not want to focus on the brightness of the eyes, then draw attention to the lips – scarlet lipstick will be just right. By the evening, fatigue may cause circles under the eyes – they should be hidden with a corrector. Peach blush and dark brown or gray brow shadow are perfect in the evening.

On the first date, do not try to charm the guy with a bright appearance. This may scare the young man away, he will just think: "What if she's completely different without makeup?" Therefore, if the eyes are large, you can curl the eyelashes and paint them with any natural color. If the goal is to make the eyes bigger, then you can draw a pencil or eyeliner thin line, drawing between the lashes. This procedure is suitable for the upper eyelid. It remains to cover your lips with lipstick of a juicy berry color, and your chosen one will not be able to take his eyes off you.

MAKE-UP TECHNIQUE The technique of applying makeup on a date is no different from the usual one. To do this, you will need: Base. It will make your face look radiant and fresh. For a daytime meeting: light shadows. They will slightly increase the eyes and make the image tender. For an evening walk: darker shadows or eyeliner. For a date, it is better to choose one thing, so as not to overdo the brightness. Transparent gloss or lipstick berry color (for the evening-scarlet). Light pink blush. Eye shadow for eyebrows. The layer of Foundation should be almost invisible. You can use a single base or combine it in 1:1 proportions with the tonal base. Eyes are easily covered with shadows or eyeliner. Cilia for pomp are painted in two layers. A light pink blush will add extra tenderness, and a transparent gloss will make your lips attractive.

The most important thing is tenderness and naturalness. During the day, the girl should look beautiful and unassailable, and in the evening can afford a touch of audacity in the image. Light shadows and transparent glitter are a good solution. A slight blush will suit the fairer sex of any age.

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