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Lying in a relationship: is it acceptable?

Greetings to you my dear reader. In today's article, we will talk about lies and not just lies, but lies in relationships. In addition, we will try to find a way out of this terrible situation of lies in the relationship. We live in an age of high technology and speed. So many things can happen in a single day that in the end the morning situations seem incredibly far away by the evening. And sometimes, in the rush of work and different things, we very rarely meet with loved ones. And sometimes we forget to tell about something, we accidentally omit something, we deliberately keep silent about something so as not to worry. This is how a little lie is born in a relationship. Is this correct? Should this be allowed, and how to protect your relationship from the harsh consequences of creeping lies? I would like to note that in principle we can talk about lies in any relationship, whether it is the relationship between husband and wife, parents and children, brothers, sisters and other close people.

In all these cases, the slightest deception or even understatement can have an unpleasant result. But still, it is usually easier to maintain a family relationship (we will not go into difficult situations now-exceptions) than with the person with whom you yourself, by choice and desire, create a family. No wonder they say that parents are not chosen, so accept them as they are. But the choice of your half you have the most direct relation, so here what you sow, then you will reap. And if even the most random way in your relationship leaks a lie-you need to stop it in the Bud, so that then it was not excruciatingly painful.

Glimpses of past years

On the other hand, each of us has some stories from the past that we don't even want to remember, much less tell. And here we are faced with a double-edged sword. If you tell, then your frankness can sow a seed of doubt in your partner. What if it happens again now? If omitted, would not some distortion of the facts be false? "You're my first!"? If one day some hidden detail from your youth comes out, will it all end: you have always lied to me, and what else do I not know about you?! So it turns out that there is a lie, that there is no lie – the result is the same. So maybe it's better to lie, because suddenly the truth will not come out? How really? How to get out of a situation if a lie has crept into the relationship? So if you can still do this with the foggy past – as they say, who will remember the old-then with the present everything is much more complicated. For example, a new colleague came to work, went home with him in the same direction, and he also drove. And here is the dilemma: do you tell your spouse right away that you are kindly given a ride home by a colleague, or do you get out of the car away from home so that there are no unnecessary questions?

The answer here is unequivocal: speak and immediately! Because if you don't, you automatically become an accomplice to the crime, the one who lays the first stone of lies in the relationship. Then the deception will only snowball, and You will have to twist more and more so that the truth does not come out, and everything will end, sooner or later, in a family scandal. Do you need it?

If not from Your side lies in the relationship?

And when, on the contrary, it seems that the beloved has become something to hide, somewhere something to conceal, what to do? Women are suspicious creatures, that's a fact. And you can't say that the fact is very good. Because even one small, accidentally crept thought each of us can blow up the brain to a whole crazy story, with the beginning, culmination and denouement. Therefore, the spouse's suspicions of deception (read here: infidelity) can lead to studying his phone, laptop, tablet, checking all pockets, calculating all expenses and evaluating the speed of movement from work to home. In General, to everything, anything – just not to talk. There is such a thing, once it is recognized, that it is easier for us to conduct our own investigation, to understand and decide everything for ourselves, than just to sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation. Share your fears and doubts, ask them to tell the truth. But for some reason we are afraid of talking. Of course, many people will laugh now. Me? Check your pockets and phone? Never! Maybe it is. But if there is uncertainty that a lie has recently settled in the relationship, it is better not to delay all these fluctuations. Do not worry yourself, coming up with your own concepts of what is happening, and do not always share your suspicions with your mother or friends. After all, 99% of them will loudly claim that the truth is on Your side, your spouse is definitely cheating on You, and in General it's time to take the bull by the horns. In short, everything will end up in a scandal with her husband again. In the case of such torments, what exactly is hiding something?,

What to do to save the family and bring the lie out of the relationship without loss.

The result of one

In General, deception, no matter what it is, big or small, it is always a deception, no matter how you turn it and do not console yourself that it is only once. The first untruth is followed by the next, and so on incrementally, until it turns out that this is no longer a lie in the relationship, but a relationship in a lie. This sounds very nice for the title of a romance novel, but in life it is the worst thing that can happen.

And if someone still doubts that there should be no untruth in love, in the family, in relationships, in life! Read an article that proves that any of these factors only require honesty. The law of mirrors in our lives. Take care of your relationship, tell each other the truth and nothing but the truth. And you will see that it is much easier to avoid lying in a relationship than to extract it later.


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