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Lucerne, Switzerland.Travel slowly

Today, the object of our virtual trip to Europe is the city of Lucerne, Switzerland. We will go to the ice age, the middle ages, through the looking glass, climb mount Pilatus, where dragons once lived.

City Of Lucerne

Lucerne is a city in the center of Switzerland, the capital of the German-speaking Canton of the same name on the shore of lake Vierwaldstetsee. Like all Swiss cities, Lucerne is surrounded by mountain peaks. The most popular of them is mount Pilatus. In the old part of Lucerne, you can spend one of the ideal days of your life. And do not set yourself impossible tasks. But it's better to enjoy the luxury and go wherever you want. At your own pace, you can walk around the entire old city in three or four hours. Believe me, this is a great way to have a good time in Lucerne. And Lucerne itself is an excellent place to relax in September. However, it is good to relax in Switzerland at any time of the year. But in September, the mountains are especially beautiful. The beginning of autumn adds saturation to natural colors.

Attractions In Lucerne

Lucerne is rich in attractions, and it is better to get acquainted with them on foot. After all, the old part of the city is a small pedestrian zone. Even without a guide, tourists do not need to worry – Lucerne will tell you about itself. Many buildings are decorated with paintings and frescoes that tell about the purpose of the building or the historical event that led to its construction. On the building where the jeweler lived, rings are depicted, on the theater — characters in costumes, on the house of the blacksmith – his hardworking family. If desired, tourists can book individual tours of the old city of Lucerne. The cost of such an excursion, however, is not weak – 175 Swiss francs. This is something around 100 euros. I have already drawn your attention to the fact that a vacation in Switzerland is a pleasure for non-poor tourists.

Mirror maze of Lucerne

Mirror maze of Lucerne walking through the old city you can accidentally find yourself in the Kingdom of crooked mirrors. In the mirror maze of the city of Lucerne, you can feel like Alice through the looking glass and get lost in time and space. It is almost impossible to navigate here. And the road can only be found by touch. Children in the maze should be held by the hand to avoid unnecessary tears and fears. After all, where it is difficult to find the way for adults, small travelers sometimes find the right way completely beyond their power. Entrance to the mirror maze of Lucerne – 12 francs.

At the exit from the looking glass, you are immediately transported to the ice age. It turns out that 20 million years ago on the site where Lucerne is now, there were eternal ice. The Ice age Museum will guide you to ancient history. Its exhibits are fossils extracted from glaciers. Admission is 6 francs.

Mount Pilatus

To see the modern glacier, you can go to mount Pilatus. From Lucerne, it is easy to get to Krins-a town located at an altitude of 492 meters. There is a cable car to Pilatus from here. The funicular lifts the traveler above the clouds (for 58 francs) to where the Sun almost always shines. The observation deck offers stunning views, which were admired by the composer Wagner, the Spanish king don Carlos, and the English Queen Victoria. Views that make a huge impression on tourists today. In Sunny weather, you can endlessly admire the views that open from Pilates. This is accompanied by clean fresh air and a great mountain tan. And from this it follows that on mount Pilatus — a wonderful place where you can spend just a chic vacation in the mountains.

Pilates Dragons

Covered with crevasses, mount Pilatus is considered not only one of the best viewing platforms in the Northern Alps, but also a very mysterious place. On Pilatus, you must follow the Dragonpass route — the dragon path, which is laid through a string of caves and grottos. The stone walls of the passageways are decorated with graphic works by Hans ERNI, who illustrated local legends about dragons. The dragon path is free of charge. For many centuries, it was believed that the winged dragons of Pilates live here. Ancient scientists counted nine types of them. But the brave knights, challenging the monsters to a duel, destroyed them all. The largest dragon was considered to be Pilu. Today it is a symbol of Lucerne and mount Pilatus. Saw all the t-shirts and caps with the Pilates. Toy dragons worth 5 francs are sold out on the fly.

You can also have lunch here on the mountain. And no fast food. Only slow. What the sign at the entrance to the restaurant warns about. However, this is no more than a joke. The service here is very good, and the food is hearty. But the truth is that you will have to fork out for lunch at a restaurant on Pilatus. Its price is 75 francs (50 euros).

Hiking at Pilates

On the platform in front of the restaurant, you can listen to the alpenhorn-a national musical instrument that sometimes reaches 4 meters in length. Everyone can try to play this Duda. Several routes for Pilatus Hiking start from the platform near the main pavilion. However, when going on a hike in the mountains, it is worth listening to ancient legends that warn travelers not to accidentally disturb the mountain spirits of Pilatus. Locals know how changeable the weather is here. When going on routes, you must always stock up on clothing that will protect travelers from rain, wind and high humidity.

Whatever the traveler might expect from Switzerland, Lucerne and Pilatus will not disappoint.

Good luck on your trip and vacation in the mountains!


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