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Lucerne Switzerland.

City Of Lucerne

People of the 21st century are increasingly coming to the realization that visiting a beautiful city or country is much more interesting and informative than spending money on expensive fur coats or restaurants. In European countries, tourism has been widely developed for a long time, and I am glad that the people of Russia and Ukraine realize that traveling is great!

The question arises quite naturally, and which country is better to go to? For example, you can visit Switzerland, or rather the city of Lucerne. This is a small town in Switzerland, and it is also the name of the lake where Lucerne is actually located. From any point you can see the mountain peaks, which are covered with snow caps. Lucerne in its architecture resembles a fairy-tale city. Here you can see small painted houses, bridges, as if from the middle ages.

Extremely beautiful nature fascinates tourists, because the city is located at the foot of the Alps. Lovers of attractions should visit the Alpineum. This is a Museum with a panorama of the Alpine mountains. You can also walk over the Chapel bridge, which was built in 1333. Those who love Hiking or sledding can safely go to the mountain-Pilatus. The city of Lucerne is also famous for its cheeses, there are several dozen varieties of cheeses that are known all over the world. Cheese-making is probably one of the main occupations of the local population.

If tourists want to visit the restaurant, then most likely in the menu in the first place will be boiled potatoes with home-smoked sausages. So Lucerne can please not only the eyes of visitors, but also feed the restaurant's visitors with delicious food. A vacation spent in this amazing town will leave a lot of impressions and positive emotions in the mind of the tourist, will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Alpine mountains.

Lucerne has its own charm, which is unique and at the same time, beautiful. In this amazing city lies all the charm of Switzerland, which can not be expressed in words or photos, it can only be felt and lived.

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