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Love game.

12 bed games for two

Over time, it becomes more and more difficult for partners to excite each other and diversify sex, but it needs to be done: good sex is the key to harmony in relationships. If you don't know how to spice up your sex life, use the ideas in our article!

1. The balance of love and cubes Let the cards decide what erotic actions you will take. To play, you need to shuffle all the cards that contain numeric values. After that, each character is assigned specific actions. For example, the suit of hearts denotes passionate kisses. If you pull out a ten of hearts, you must kiss your partner for 10 seconds. You can play with dice by assigning certain actions to the values. 2. Role-playing games Create small scenarios for role-playing games with your partner. Imagine, for example, how a police officer puts the handbrakes on you and takes you to jail. Or something forbidden slips in the relationship between a strict teacher and a student. There are many options!

3. Bottle for adults Of course, this game is familiar to you from your youth. There is also an adult version. Spin the bottle on the bedroom floor or even on the spring bed. When it turns out to be a neck in the direction of you, you should… Arrange this in advance or prepare a surprise for each other. Experience shows that even a simple twist of the bottle increases the "sex temperature" in the bedroom.

4. Proof of love In a variation of the famous "I see what you don't see", one of you represents a certain sensual action by which he proves his love for the other. It's not so much about the action itself, but about the playful conversation between you that arises from having to guess each other's ideas. There is no limit to the imagination, it all depends on the degree of intimacy between you. By the way, this is a great chance to look into the fantasies and secret desires of a partner. 5. I can't see anything and I feel everything Alternating blindfolding is a classic erotic game. However, this opportunity for an exciting new experience is probably not enough for you either. To raise the game to another level, try to use pleasant smells, move a pen or ice over the partner's body, touch it in different ways, and try to massage it.

6. Cold and hot To enhance the sensation of oral sex, you can use ice cubes or warm tea. Ice cubes should be melted on the tongue, and the tea should not be hot. Your tongue and your fingers are tools that will further enhance the game of hot and cold. 7. Masquerade ball Do you remember the Venetian masks? They adorn the face, make the eyes glow and give a mysterious look. You can buy a pair of masks and put them on before the love game. Or even complete the reincarnation with the appropriate costume. Treat each other to a longer prelude, which can start with dancing to the appropriate music. Come closer to each other and start playfully tearing off each other's clothes. Masks are better left – sex in masks can be more interesting than without them. 8. Innocent 30 minutes You have 30 minutes to get excited. No sex in the first half hour, only caresses! You can take off each other's clothes, kiss, stroke all parts of the body, and make a list of fantasies for foreplay. After half an hour, you are guaranteed to pounce on each other, and your sex will be enchanting!

9. Striptease or strip game Of course, this version of the game requires a bit of courage from you. You charm your loved one with a little Striptease. It may happen that your partner will not allow you to remove things yourself. Don't worry, you don't need to be perfect and have a dancer's diploma in your pocket. If you do not have the courage to dance a Striptease, play cards for undressing – removing clothes will be gradual and easy. 10. Truth or action You can also come to sex through words. Either your partner answers your intimate question truthfully, or they must perform a certain action (kissing, undressing, and so on). Then you switch places: now you become an active player.

12. Let's talk You set up a meeting for a pleasant exchange of erotic fantasies – you just need to talk. Usually, this doesn't last too long and quickly turns into sex. Use "dirty" words to enhance the effect.

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