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Love forever.

Are there relationships once and for all.

My answer is Yes. But I guess it's rare, and something tells me that it's hardly worth trying.

All of us (including me) when we decide to build a long-term relationship, we expect it to last until we die. It is difficult to imagine a person who consciously plans a serious relationship for five years or ten (although I think there are such, but often it is a consciously temporary relationship for the time of studying at University, while working or for some other reasons). Usually when we see a suitable partner (and the criteria for this can be very different), we expect to be with them for a long time. It attracts and attracts us. But as a rule, this leads us to the level of our neurosis at that time. It's not bad, it's just the way it is. That is, at the moment when we have chosen a partner, he is the most optimal for us (here I do not specify whether we are talking about a healthy relationship or not). At this point, it is important that the partner feels like 100%, or almost 100%.

However, in the course of life, the interaction of partners with each other, in the process of their change, uniform or uneven, their changes in one direction or different, their relationships can change. Partners can approach each other, or they can move away, this can happen cyclically, or even once, that is, partners can go to different poles. And then after a while it is quite possible that the threads that firmly connected them once may not remain and in principle, partners can by mutual decision part to start a different life. In General, there are a lot of options for the development of events and we do not know about them for sure. And when will we find out – the inquisitive reader will ask? But only when time passes and it is the moment when it will be necessary to decide on cohabitation.

The modern civilized world is so developed that both men and women can survive in it at any age, with children or not. Therefore, the main reason for the fear of breaking up relationships can be heartache at parting, disappointment in their dreams of the only and unique Prince (Princess) and other mental torment, over which we definitely have the power, we can cope with them, even sometimes with the help of a psychotherapist. And it turns out that there are no real threats to a full life when we part. Then can you focus on the relationship while it's still there? And live your life with your partner to the full? With all the sorrows and joys that, one way or another, people face in their lives. And in case of difficulties that you can not cope with yourself, just contact professionals, well-trained family psychologists. They will help you find your own way to establish a relationship in a couple. And it is quite possible that as a result of communication with a psychologist, you and your partner will decide to part with the least losses for both and build other, no less, and maybe more happy relationships.

In conclusion, I would like to write that when choosing a partner, I think it is important to take care of the comfort in the relationship at the moment, and not about thoughts as if everything that is now, continued until the end of life.

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