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Love at a distance: is there a chance?

Most people think that this is a prelude, which in any case should end with something – either the couple will be together, or the relationship will end. Yes, many people are sure that this is not a relationship at all. So, an imitation, a replica of love, such it does not exist – they are sure. Because love is always by touch. It needs a Foundation, love is always a tangible feeling, otherwise it does not happen. Otherwise, it's not real. But is this really true? Does love require a constant physical presence? Let's figure it out.

Love at a distance does not exist. Many people are sure of this. They can't imagine their morning without a loved one. As soon as they Wake up, they need his presence, they need to hear his voice, squeeze his hand lightly, kiss him gently, even more gently, touch his cheek and smile at the still sleepy eyes. It is important for them to be near, the physical presence of a partner confirms that there is love, that they are not alone, they are loved, and their feelings are mutual. How do you feel it from a distance? How to feel it, this love? Love is actions, not words. And at a distance, it turns into beautiful metaphors and juicy promises. But is this love? This is only possible in adolescence: for example, the first love can live for some time in letters. But who remembers how long her life lasted? Until a new hobby or admission to the Institute, no more. Many people think so. Many people do not give love at a distance the right to exist. They laugh at her and do not believe in her sincerity. That's for nothing. They just do not know that love has different guises, it is always real, but only lovers can feel it. Not us, not idle onlookers and spies, she doesn't care about us, and that's right. And now attention! Research has shown that love at a distance - to be. It exists (Hallelujah!). Only for this you need two factors: 1) let your partner know the most personal and intimate things about you; 2) idealize him, always think that at this moment he would have done better. So the researchers suggest, and we thought that to prove this love, we can add a few more points. Love at a distance is only possible between Mature people. Then it has a strong frame of conscience. Love at a distance is possible between people who have got rid of the round-the-clock desire to possess, who give their partner freedom, who trust each other unconditionally. And the theme of constant physical presence is not prevalent here. Do you still think it's impossible? Then we move on.

In Europe, many couples have the opportunity to move out to their apartment for a while. They build relationships together, they have a common life and, most likely, in the morning they can make plans for the next year and choose a country for a joint holiday. They love each other passionately, but nevertheless each of the partners has its own rear in the form of an apartment where they can hide and be alone with themselves. You don't think it's long-distance love? How does this differ from it? Love at a distance can always move to another platform, lovers can move in together. Most likely, this is what they are aiming for. But only they have one important advantage – they know how to be with themselves, they do not hide behind relationships, they do not require round-the-clock support, they have learned to rely only on their own strength. Their need for a relationship has ceased to be selfish.

The main condition for long – distance love is trust.

For all relationships, this is important, but for long-distance relationships, it is acutely vital. Love will live as long as you trust. As soon as you start to doubt, draw in your head what you are not sure of and can not confirm, as soon as you in depth stop trusting – everything, your relationship is better to end, then they will drag on a lifeless trail, and you will only get confused in it.

Distance does not kill love, distrust-Yes.

For love at a distance, the desire to meet is necessary. No way without it. You can call each day and describe your day, share the latest news and ask for advice. You can arrange a video chat before going to bed, fantasize – this, by the way, will add a little piquancy to your relationship. This will all help you to stay apart, but still the meeting must take place.

Thoughts of an imminent meeting are what keep a long-distance relationship going.

Well, if it's not just a meeting at the airport or a night in a hotel, and your man comes to your home. Let him live your life a little, feel what you live by touch. Just like you have to see his house, just to understand how he lives. After all, our home is an extension of us, this is the part of us that is difficult for us to explain in words. Love at a distance has a very delicate, subtle body. You need to feel it and take care of it. It (love) can be closed from banal intonation or understatement. Here you can't rush after them, take their hands, hug them, and just be silent together. Your man at a distance may take offense and just do not answer calls, do not read messages and do not respond to your flashing on the network. And you won't always be ready to rush to the airport to fly and explain yourself. Therefore, it is important to remember that love at a distance is very tender: talk even when you are not in the mood (at least explain it), or when you are busy (at least explain it) – be in touch always.

Love at a distance exists. But she always strives for one thing – to be together in the end. How long it will last in this status and whether it will move to another level is up to you. But you definitely need to discuss this point – will you be together? And most importantly-do you want it?


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