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Love and Money

Love and money are on the same scale. Because love is a value, a system of values of a person, his wealth, and money is the equivalent of spent energy to acquire something valuable, necessary, important for the life of a person. The ideal ratio is love = money. This is about when both partners appreciate in each other not only the advantages and opportunities, but also the disadvantages and lack of opportunities of one kind or another. They are willing to spend for each other their time and energy, which could be spent on earning money to ensure their personal whims and pleasures. However, these people understand that among their values, a very important place is occupied by the relationship with a partner and therefore evenly distribute the energy in the pair for money, as the equivalent of energy for life in society and for the relationship (love) in the pair to support each other.

Option Money > Love In this case, the person minimizes their values. His personal space is compressed. He does everything for others. For him, the evaluation of others is important. He wears a fashionable uncomfortable outfit because it HAS to fit. He eats fast food because that's what everyone does. He leaves in July for a vacation in Turkey from the middle of Russia, to cool down under the air conditioning after roasting in the scorching sun, instead of a comfortable rest in the shade of a forest river, because all the neighbors do so. And those who are vacationing in the Emirates are no different from those in Turkey, except for the number of stars on the hotels. The meaning is the same - because everyone does it, and I HAVE to conform to them. And, as a rule, people completely forget who they owe so much that they are forced to work, eat, relax like everyone else, and not as they want. Such people accumulate money well and fairly quickly ( and also quickly disappear). At some point, they realize that money tends to melt like spring snow in Siberia and begin to buy expensive unnecessary things like everyone else. Each time these things become more expensive and more expensive, because they have no value for the real life of a person. For example, a Golden spoon does not make the soup more satisfying. Objects, things of this kind, are also the equivalent of spent energy, not value, i.e. they are equivalent to money. And the flow of money first loses the taste of live natural food, which leads to a malfunction in the body and, as a result, to diseases.

Further, the value of things necessary for life and objects that have the smell and warmth of a home is lost. And along with them, a person loses his family support, because, for the sake of pleasing a high social status, he betrays the family values of his Kind, developed over centuries. Knowledge, skills and skills are devalued, turning a person into a robot that works strictly according to the program implemented in it. Finally, people and relationships with them are devalued, turning all relationships to purely commercial speculation. And love becomes corrupt for such people. You can buy a wife, husband, child, cat, dog, parrot that will meet the breed standard determined by the social cross section of the environment in which a person with a lot of money lives. You can't buy love, because in this case there is no Love, just as there is no value system. And a rich person loses the meaning of life. He begins to accumulate unspent energy that no one needs. After all, now the environment all meets the standard - everyone has everything, and you can not go down an order of magnitude lower - they will call you a marginal at best. And this energy begins to tear from within, until it kills or maim. And the cripple automatically moves to a lower level. And strangely enough, but the person begins to return to a full life.

Love > Money. When a person spends his energy not on purchasing paper, but on human values, he learns to live comfortably in any conditions. His claims are not great, but they are valuable. Such a person is loved by everyone, because he can see and appreciate the most inconspicuous qualities in others. This person enjoys the sun and rain, a kind word accidentally dropped by someone, the smile of an old woman and the tenderness of lovers. He does not grieve for the infirmity of age, because he knows that it is compensated by wisdom. Such a person is valuable to everyone, because he is always ready to help, because he knows for sure that people are kind, and always help each other. His energy is evenly distributed to what he needs here and now. The disadvantage of such a position is that society will consider such a person a "crank" and try not to take in their games, because they do not do everything like everyone else. When I say that love and money are on the same scale, people object: "Well, I have a problem with money right now. And what kind of love can be without money? Neither dress decently, nor go to a prestigious place." So here is the answer to this question: "You don't have the energy for either. Look for where the leak has formed in your energy shell. Moreover, with such a request, you belong to the category of people for whom money is more important than love, because you are focused on others. You have no money to live on, and you are talking about some decent (and not about comfortable and practical) clothes. This means that there are "DECENT" people in your life (things, cars, housing), on which your energy, including money, is spent. Even if you think that they are very much loved by you people. But most likely you take care of them or dependence on them for love. You have lost your personal space and consequently your value system and love.

Look around you and try to consider the real values. This is one of them and start to draw energy. It is important to distribute it evenly-part in the form of money, because you live in a society that requires you to conform to it, and part to increase what is valuable to you. Don't try to solve your financial problems through a rich partner with the hope that they will love you. Either he loves you and you don't claim the money, or you sell your love to him. Don't try to buy another person's love with money, services, or care if you don't feel reciprocated. You don't fit into his system of values, and he will never let you into his personal space and will not be able to love you. In order to be loved (appreciated) by others, you must first define your values for yourself. And the price itself is very easy to check. Just stand in front of the mirror. Put a clock next to it. And for exactly three minutes, tell only positive things about yourself. Did it work? You have something to share with your loved one. If not, then before thinking about another person's love for you, you will have to work hard to recognize yourself for yourself as a very valuable person.


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