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Loneliness in a person's life abroad

If you had to arrange your life abroad, you were certainly covered by an irresistible and soul-destroying feeling of loneliness. Emotional emptiness, nostalgia and longing are inevitable in a foreign land, as is loneliness itself in a person's life. How to understand the reasons and cope with such a feeling as loneliness in emigration, we will analyze using the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan.

Loneliness abroad is a problem of necessity

People carefully prepare for a change of residence. A lot of documents and funds are collected, and information about the new country is being studied. Few people think about possible loneliness. Morally and psychologically, you rely on the Russian "maybe" and what is available on the Internet. And when the need comes, you wallow in a sea of information: how to cope with depression, what to do when the oppressive melancholy overtakes, and what are the types of loneliness that occur in a person's life. How to get rid of the feeling of loneliness?

All this is too General, not targeted. We need an accurate answer. To know what to do in a particular situation, you need to understand exactly what the question or problem is, what it is caused by. And you can't do without understanding the human psyche. The only complete definition of the human psyche through eight vectors today is given by system-vector psychology. Vectors determine the properties of the psyche, desires, needs and aspirations of a person. This is what should be taken into account when preparing for emigration.

Thus, the owners of the skin vector — people who strive to climb the ladder of social and material success, flexible mind and body-emigration will be given with less mental costs. Loneliness just won't arise. It is for them that overcoming life's and material difficulties is more important than anything else. A person with a skin vector acts and thinks in terms of "benefit-benefit", he is flexible and adapts easily to new conditions, so he does not despair. And the loneliness of strangers. It is enough for him to have useful contacts in his environment and strive for material prosperity. In the life of a person with a skin vector, everything is fine if he has reached the heights of material goods.

Loneliness has deep reasons

Another thing is a person with an anal vector. Natural properties of the psyche of such a person: - thoroughness and consistency; - striving for the ideal in everything; - analytical mindset; - the priority of the past over the present, everything new is given to him with difficulty; - great value of the family.

Due to its properties, a person with an anal vector wants to do everything perfectly. So is moving to another country. Emigration is like a new birth. A new language, country, people, relationships among them. In the life of a person with an anal vector, it is a superstress from novelty. And all its properties make it possible that such a person will find himself in the grip of an oppressive feeling, the name of which is loneliness. Such people are usually excellent specialists in their field, thanks to their phenomenal memory and perseverance. But it can be difficult for them to find their place under the "foreign" sun, because they are "impenetrable". The longing and frustration of temporary jobs, lack of stability, and living on unemployment benefits is depressing — even to the point of breaking all ties with society. Loneliness on a sagging sofa-as a result. They suffer from fruitless attempts to make their family happy. The constant loneliness among strangers presses. The "beloved half", the Motherland, communities, fraternity of like-minded people — the values of such a person, which he may lose abroad. There is a family, children-reliable rear, and goes to the outside unfamiliar world — all is not the same and all is not so. And the loneliness is palpable just physically! Here you will have to overcome yourself a lot and often. Relationships can be upset and the family can be destroyed. The price of solitude, from which the comfort of the Western world does not save, is too high.

Loneliness in a person's life is not a punishment

And even if you have overcome all the physical obstacles on your way to a happy life in a foreign country: your home is full, there is implementation and excellent prospects. But for some reason, the emotional state is increasingly defined as emptiness and despair, oppressive loneliness. Why does this happen in a person's life? Here we are not talking about the types of loneliness, but about the root of such a problem as loneliness. And seeing the reason, it is much easier to overcome loneliness — through understanding and awareness. System-vector psychology shows that it is the difference between Russian and Western mentalities that determines the loneliness that occurs in the case of moving to another country, as if from scratch.

The mentality is a set of concepts, views on life, a certain "point of observation" formed from childhood by parents, school, and the entire environment in which a person grew up. This is a way of seeing the world. The Russian people are all irrational, the main and very valuable category — justice and mercy. This is a collectivist mentality in which everything is built on personal relationships. Here loneliness is a punishment. In the West, the mentality is different — it dictates life according to the law, guided by rationality. These people have everything individually, at distances. The Russian person has a huge constant internal contradiction, which he does not even realize, being in an alien mental space. You take risks, you try and achieve what you want. You are a good fellow and a "persistent soldier"! But it is becoming more and more difficult to overcome loneliness among people. You often feel like a weed in someone else's garden. And definitely out of place! Once unbearable despair and overwhelming loneliness can lead you to a deplorable physical condition or to tragedy and the breakdown of fate. How do you stop feeling lonely in a world that is not your own? Consciously-loneliness in a person's life becomes surmountable.

Loneliness: overcoming or becoming aware

Loneliness, chosen at your own discretion and internal needs, they say, is even useful for an adult personality. It is for thinking in a person's life and understanding their place in it, putting their thoughts in order, for Hobbies. We're talking about something else. Loneliness, dictated by interaction with society in a foreign country, is a test. What should I do so that loneliness does not become a problem for you? With the help of system-vector psychology, the causes and mechanisms of loneliness become clear. And understanding the roots of the problem, it is easy to cope with it. This has already been achieved by many students of training courses on system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan:

Hiding in your shell and suffering from constant loneliness-there is no greater test in the life of a person in a foreign country! It is possible to learn to understand, love and enjoy life "to the fullest" in a new country.


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