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Each of us dreams of becoming the heroine of the film and also magically spend time with a mind-blowing handsome man who is head over heels in love, and is not shy about his feelings. Of course, the movie is a movie, but even the most romantic dates from the movies can be easily implemented with your boyfriend. Especially for you, we have studied in detail the most memorable meetings of lovers from popular movies. Take up arms and act!

"Diary of memory" (2004)

Idea: Go to an amusement Park. Here's the thing: If you want to have fun, go to an amusement Park: ride rides, rent electric cars, and don't forget to ride the Ferris wheel. If possible, take as many photos as possible to make a cute album later. By the way, this option is also suitable for a first date.

What you will need: Rides, cotton candy and a photo booth.

"How to marry a billionaire" (2010)

The idea: to Engage in winter activities. What's the point: a Great way to spend time together in the winter. Go to the ice rink in the nearest yard or go to the slide where you can go skiing or snowboarding. And don't forget to make a snowman, play snowballs, or just roll in the snowdrifts. Don't be afraid to be funny! What you will need: Sports equipment, comfortable warm clothes and a thermos of hot tea.

"The best in me" (2014)

Idea: Find a quiet place.

Here's the thing: it's important to be alone with each other sometimes. Find a quiet place where no one can stop you – this will help you to relax and talk about topics that have always been avoided. You will see how the level of trust will increase, and you will become even closer. What you will need: a Place where both of you will be comfortable.

"Far road" (2015)

Idea: horse Riding. What's the point: Have you always wanted a Jane Austen date? Then this option is exactly for you. Find out where you can rent horses, and invite your boyfriend to go on a romantic horse ride. If possible, organize a picnic in the fresh air. What you will need: Comfortable clothes, a warm blanket, hot tea in a thermos, fresh pastries.


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