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Libra Horoscope. Apr 19, 2020


Apr 19, 2020- The present astral configuration brings the chance for a fresh start within your relationship. If you seem to have had trouble communicating due to a misunderstanding, then take heart. If you can sit down and begin to talk about how you honestly feel, you will both discover that your partner (current or prospective)ship grows in strength. You both care for each other deeply, so don't be afraid to let it show!


Apr 13, 2020 - Apr 19, 2020- You're facing a period of fun affecting romance, children, and family. If you're currently involved in these areas, you'll find that you can easily sell products and services to a willing public. If not, think about how to create products that appeal to an array of people worldwide. As you use your talents to create income streams to last a lifetime, the next step is prosperity.


Apr 19, 2020- You may find yourself full of hope and good intentions these days. It's a feeling that you enjoy, and yet you may sense a shadow feeling that isn't quite as rosy. The question is how far you can bring your hopes and aspirations into reality - how much you are able to actually live your dreams. You need to ground yourself through physical exercise and give your body the opportunity to express "hope" and "joy" the way it knows how: through good health.

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