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Leo Horoscope. Jun 3, 2020


Jun 3, 2020- Don't worry if things don't go according to plan today, as the current astral configuration is creating a very interesting cosmic climate right now. If you are looking for someone very special, then you won't connect with them in any of your usual ways. You need to range far and wide, and do things that are quite different from the ones you usually do - but you won't be disappointed.


Jun 1, 2020 - Jun 7, 2020- This week you're facing a time of transition. Your mind may be on everything but work now. It's important to remember that since the Universe affects the area of your chart governing romance, kids, family, and fun, you can put your daydreaming mind to work to come up with new products and services to meet the needs of these demographics. Aren't you clever?


Jun 3, 2020- Today, give yourself more than enough time to do the most mundane things. Being rushed by others is also not something you will react well to. One of the best ways to escape the expectations of others is to set your limits and stick to them like crazy. Give yourself an extra hour of exercise by trying some new form of a workout in addition to your regular routine. I do not mean that you should push yourself too far, but you have the extra energy today, and it's best that you use it for your own purposes, not someone else's.


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