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Leo Horoscope. Apr 30, 2020


Apr 30, 2020- Even though you may be happy with your current relationship, and especially if you're not, it may benefit you to spend some time alone doing all the practical things that you haven't had a chance to get on with. It may turn out that you have been irritable with your partner lately, and it's more likely tied to important matters you've been neglecting on your part, than anything they've actually done. Apologize if necessary, and go take care of business so that you can be a better partner to your person.


Apr 27, 2020 - May 3, 2020 - You have a boost of good fortune unleashing a stream of fortunate messages from potential employers, clients, and customers. All of them want a piece of your time, which may seem overwhelming, but almost all of it is good news. Meanwhile, have you considered going into business with a relative, parent, or sibling? It may be time to give it some thought.


Apr 30, 2020- Today's planetary configuration emphasizes your emotions. If you set the stage properly, this aspect allows you to see into your mind more clearly. Set the stage with yoga, rest, exercise, and mindful eating. Allow yourself to know what you've been avoiding - ask for awareness so that you can progress along your path. It's important to eschew all inner judgment. The self cannot make itself known amid judgment. Be your own best friend by practicing unconditional self-love. Don’t say anything to about yourself you wouldn’t say about a friend.


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