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Leo Horoscope. Apr 22, 2020


Apr 22, 2020- It may seem to those who prefer moonlight to sunlight that there is too much show and not enough sincere emotion when it comes to your love life. The planetary transits may place you in the path of someone who boasts about their looks and their prowess, but who may not actually amount to that much. Give them wide berth, as someone better is on the way.


Apr 20, 2020 - Apr 26, 2020- You're trying to say more of what you mean when it comes to work and money now. It's the perfect time to speak up about your priorities and be heard on all things cash oriented. Don't let someone else at work or in a close relationship be overly domineering about his or her money ideas. Together you can move mountains - alone, not so much.


Apr 22, 2020- Your heart is in the right place when you care for yourself as well as you do for others. You need to be encouraged to eat well and exercise and get plenty of rest. Be careful if you find yourself in a relationship with someone who tells you the opposite, that it is most important to take care of their needs to prove you love them. This is a trap for you, and you must look for partnerships with people who share your healthy habits.

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