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Leo Horoscope. Apr 20, 2020


Apr 20, 2020- The present astral configuration may encourage you to hide your deeper thoughts and feelings behind an impenetrable barrier. You could put yourself into a very introspective mood, which will not help the communication between you and your partner (current or prospective). However, if you can break out of it and say a few words, try and make them as positive and upbeat as you can. Don't get your love interest down as well!


Apr 13, 2020 - Apr 19, 2020- You're a chatterbox supreme, especially when it comes to work and money. You aren't content to leave things as they are (good for you!), and you want to make some positive changes. Your relationships point the way to a better life. Someone (or more than one person) wants to see you succeed. Listen to what they have to say.


Apr 20, 2020- You are doing a great job taking care of others, but the question is: how are you? The emotional pull drawing you to take care of others makes you neglect your own self-care. This cannot be good for your own balance. Start today with a hot bath with a few drops of Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus awakens our inner drive to succeed and draw from our own resources to reach our goals. This is an essential oil you can find at a health food store, and you certainly should have some!

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