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Leaving A Date After 30 Minutes

The “one-drink bailout" is about to change your whole dating life.

We’ve all suffered through awful first dates: Maybe you have nothing in common and wrangling conversation out of the other person is like pulling teeth. Or maybe you’ve been catfished, and your date looks more like a distant, homely cousin of the guy you said yes to.

Is all that first-date suffering necessary? Not if you’ve employed the “one-drink bailout.” In a blog post, a British sex and lifestyle writer who goes by Girl on the Net proposes putting a very drink-specific time frame on all of your first dates. Here’s how she describes it:

You meet someone in a pub, or a coffee shop, or in the bar of a posh theatre if that’s your bag, and you both know from the outset that the date might last no longer than one drink. If the person who arrives is funny, interesting, and the sort of person you might want to spend a whole evening with, you can suggest another drink, a move to somewhere more exciting, or the mutual exchange of rings and vows. But if the date — as is so frequently the case — does not work out that way, you both get a bailout. If either of you realises that the other is not as described or unfit for purpose, you may invoke your right to terminate the date with no hard feelings, recriminations, or mutterings of “but I came all the way from [whatever city you live in], for Christ’s sake.”

Brilliant? We think so. As any single will tell you, modern dating is exhausting, and we’re all crunched for time. With the “one drink” rule ― or leaving the date after about 30 minutes ― you avoid slogging through another unnecessarily long, no-chemistry date. In the process, you’re streamlining your whole dating schedule and conserving energy for good first dates.

There’s one catch, though: To avoid getting locked into an “I’ll get this round of drinks, you get the next” scenario ― and avoid feeling beholden to your date because they’ve bought your drink ― both parties need to purchase their own drinks.

“That way, you sidestep any of the potential political, emotional, financial issues with deciding who pays on the date. The main aim of the bailout is to make it super simple to have a quick, casual drink with someone where you can be as ‘yourself’ as much as possible, with as little pressure as possible. [And if] you say, ‘Actually, do you fancy having another?’ it’s a nice way to say to someone, I’m up for doing more of this, how about you?


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