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Ladies invite: where in London to meet a Brit

Many girls who come to London dream of meeting an intelligent Brit. Only on arrival it turns out that this task is not easy: there are far fewer Englishmen in the capital than foreigners, and they all succumb to the crazy rhythm of the city, rarely finding time for communication. Portal "Zagraditsa" found out about the places where you can meet the Brit of your dreams!

Dating site

The Internet has so engulfed our lives that we use it for more than just sending an email. If we can order food, buy clothes, or book a hotel room in just two clicks, why are we so categorically rejecting online Dating? Many girls at the mention of such online services complain that only desperate people are looking for their soul mate on the Internet and are skeptical about this type of Dating. In fact, on such sites, their profiles are often placed by men who simply do not have time to meet in real life because of constant employment. In addition, we will not hide the fact that many British people use sites where you can meet a Russian-speaking girl.

Cultural event

The relaxed atmosphere of any kind of cultural events encourages new acquaintances. Study the schedule of premieres in theaters and cinemas in the capital's West End and go to pre-premiere screenings or private parties, where you can relax and chat with nice men.

Establishments in the business districts of the capital

If you are not extremely shy and can easily start a conversation with an unknown man first, there is a high probability of good prospects for further development of Dating will be waiting for you in the establishments of the business districts of the capital. Near stations such as Bank and London Bridge, there are many business centers where representative men work. They eat lunch, respectively, in the neighborhood of their offices, and in the evening they relax there with colleagues. For example, in the city of London, there are 150 women per 100 single men. Therefore, if you find yourself in one of these places, do not study the menu too carefully, but rather look around: perhaps the man of your dreams is sitting at the next table!

Charitable action

Charity events are not uncommon in London. Public organizations often organize fundraising events attended by bankers, businessmen, and lawyers. By attending such an event, you will be able to do a good deed and start a conversation with the man you like.


What Englishman doesn't like racing? Most English dandies put aside all their business a few times a year to go to Royal Ascot, Grand National Aintree or Glorious Goodwood and watch horse racing. At the end of the race, you can easily start a conversation with a man, and discussing the results of the race will be a great occasion. By the way, don't forget to wear a cocktail dress and a flashy hat to attract the attention of the guy you like.

Prestigious pubs

British men like to relax in pubs at any time of the day, regardless of the day of the week. Among the most prestigious establishments in the capital are pubs in Berkeley Square and Mayfair, as well as wine bars on Dover Street. Well, the largest number of aristocrats in one institution you will find in the Red Lion on the Crown Passage — there they rest more than in closed gentlemen's clubs.

Golf club

Even if you are not strong in Golf, this is not a reason to ignore classes in this sport. There are a lot of Englishmen who spend their time playing at Golf clubs and you can get to know them. Pay a compliment to his skill and ask a couple of questions about the technique of blows — and a joint coffee after the game is provided for you!


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