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Some people think that Japanese women are ideal women, caring wives, adorable mistresses, while others, on the contrary, think that they are dummies with a head full of SMS. Conflicting publications on the Internet do not help much to clarify the situation. Someone talks about Japanese women as cold and unsociable, the other, on the contrary, about an amazing relationship with a Japanese girl. It is clear that a significant part of Russian men are interested in Japanese women. It is enough to type in the search engine the phrase "Japanese girl" and hundreds of links will appear with the same question "how to meet a Japanese woman?"

How to meet a Japanese woman?

In principle, everything is very simple, for this it is enough to get to Japan, since the vast majority of Japanese women are located there. So the very fact that you are standing on Japanese soil dramatically increases your chances of meeting a Japanese girl. However, there is no need to despair: there are Japanese women in Russia, these are students studying Russian, and employees of Japanese companies working in Russia, as well as staff of embassies and consulates. But in general, the chances of meeting someone of them in Russia are not so great, but it doesn't matter, the Internet and dating sites come to the rescue.

But before you get to know each other, you first need to figure out why you generally want to get close to a Japanese woman. If your interest is more in the field of exotic sex, then it is better to use the paid services of specialists in this area, it is easier and you will not get yourself extra problems. For the rest, you can and should get acquainted with Japanese women, communicate, make friends. But if you think about something more, think about whether you really have a deep feeling for this woman or do you just like the unusual situation? If there is even the slightest doubt, then see point one.

In Russia and Japan, there are slightly different concepts of female beauty: if a miniature Japanese woman with a beautiful face and small breasts can be very attractive to the taste of a Russian man, for many Japanese the decisive factor in female beauty is the height and size of her breasts. So if you like slender girls, then you are very lucky, you will get almost uncultivated virgin soil, and for your chosen one, acquaintance with you may well be the first experience, even if she is well over twenty.


Any relationship begins with the first meeting and acquaintance, here again it is important to understand what you are trying to achieve and which girl you want to meet. Dating in nightclubs and bars is quite unambiguous, but does not always imply a serious relationship, because a bed with you and for a Japanese girl can be just an exotic experience with a foreigner for one night. and it's good if it suits both. The Japanese language is an important factor. If you are fluent in Japanese, your chances increase dramatically, if you can speak only in English, then your circle of communication, on the contrary, narrows down to Japanese women who are interested in English, or professionally working in this area. And then problems can arise. Firstly, a Japanese woman who speaks English well knows her worth very much, and secondly, she can communicate with you in order to improve her English. Which is fine overall, but can be disappointing if you were in a romantic mood.

The first impression is very important, when meeting you it is better to talk about insignificant things, the weather, your country, Japanese and native cuisine for you, travel and the like. You need to be very careful with compliments, the Japanese perceive them a little differently, and even if you just tell the girl that she is beautiful, it will immediately indicate your clear interest in her. In a conversation, it is worth mentioning that you do not have a girlfriend or a faithful, the reputation of "macho" Japanese women will only scare you away. Japanese women are quite gullible, but you should not get carried away with lies, then you can forget what you said, but the girl remembers. If the conversation is quite supportive and there is at least a little interest on the part of the girl, you can directly ask to exchange phone numbers. The girl may be embarrassed, but most likely she will give the number.

There is a more elegant way to get her contacts: you can pretend that something is wrong with your phone and ask her to call for verification, the number will be determined, and - it's done. If you have her e-mail, it is definitely better to start with a little correspondence before calling. Even if you only got her number, in this case send the so-called c-mail, an analogue of SMS in Russia. If you do call, do not forget to introduce yourself, she may not immediately recognize you. It is better to keep the first conversation neutral, in no case call the girl on a date right away, the maximum can be hinted at as a future prospect. Better ask how she's doing, and then act on the situation. After one or two calls, you can already offer to meet. Most likely, by this time, by the girl's reaction, you will already understand whether she is interested in seeing you or not. Do not be discouraged if a girl refuses to date or does not want to continue to communicate with you, there are many reasons why this can happen, and you are not always the problem.

First date

A dilemma arises of where to invite a Japanese girl. The cinema does not suit unambiguously, you need to get to know each other better, and not stare at the screen in a dark room, dinner in a restaurant or gatherings in a bar is a lot of obligations, although, of course, it depends on the position of the girl. In most cases, you can invite her to Starbucks, it is cozy there, they serve coffee, sweets, and you can have a great conversation. It makes sense to talk about light, meaningless things, you can tell funny stories, talk about your country, carefully ask the girl about her tastes, family, the main thing is not to turn the

conversation into interrogation. And, remember, during the first date, no matter how much you want to turn the conversation towards sex and relationships, be patient, and even more so do not let go. There is a time for everything, the first date is just intelligence, an attempt to communicate further, and, more importantly, do you want to communicate with her further? The most important task of the first date is to make the second one take place. And do not be too lazy to pay for the two of you, the girl may insist to pay separately, but the fact that the guy pays for the treat turns the meeting into a date.

Further meetings.

During the first date, you have already decided what your chosen one loves? So the choice of the place for the next meetings is best compared with her tastes. In summer, parks are ideal, be sure to take bread and feed all the animals that live there, it's almost free and will almost certainly like it. Try to avoid overly active recreation, unless you are sure that your girlfriend, for example, is a fan of bowling or alpine skiing. Lunch in nature is a great way to spend time, if suddenly your girlfriend feels cold, do not be too lazy to take off your jacket and throw it over her shoulders. The cold will have to endure, and the gesture will turn out beautiful. Now you can feel free to say compliments, Japanese men are rather stingy with them, and it will show you in a favorable light.

We invite you to visit

The Japanese usually do not go to visit, so, tired of walking in the fresh air and gathering in a cafe and restaurant, try inviting the girl to your home. Under the pretext of a dinner that you cook yourself. It's very romantic for a Japanese girl. Just do not turn dinner at your house into an attempt to drag her into bed, it is much more important that she likes being with you, so do not be lazy to clean the apartment before she comes.


There is no need to try to get the girl's favor with expensive things, because in Japanese society it is highly desirable to answer an expensive gift with the same or even more valuable, otherwise the gifted person will be very obliged to the donor. Do not embarrass a girl with expensive jewelry or items. The best gifts are the following:

Flowers - Let it be a bouquet of scarlet roses, white or yellow flowers can cause the wrong associations. By the way, the Japanese have no problems with an even or odd number of flowers in a bouquet. In addition, flowers in Japan are quite cheap.

Sweets are a great gift, especially if you are returning from a trip, be sure to bring your girlfriend an omiyage (souvenir) in the form of a box of chocolates.

Soft toys - girls all over the world love them, and Japanese women especially. Buy something pink and fluffy and delight is almost guaranteed.

Remember, a 200 yen rose on time can do more for your relationship than 20,000 yen earrings.



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