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Italian macho - what are they?

Oh, yes, these men are definitely not slovens. Southerners are darker, relatively shorter, with burning brown eyes and dark hair. But the closer to the north, the higher and brighter the Italian guys become. They rarely dress in the same style, perfectly combining different ...

In fact, this is a well-known stereotype, although the sense of taste manifests itself more, the older they get. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that most of Italians really have an impeccable taste.

In addition, they are very well maintained. In Italy there are separate salons for men, not only for creating hairstyles, but also for hair removal. The Italian with plucked eyebrows in terms of sexual orientation is an ordinary man, only handsome.

For Italians, family is sacred. Even after the formal wedding ceremony, you will most likely live with the older generation. Mom is a woman who controls a "boy" up to 30-40 years old. And he is not particularly eager to fly out from under the wing. But respect for the opposite sex and commitment to family values ​​are in their blood.

But don't be in a hurry to melt if Italian macho is paying attention to you.

First, a rare woman will not deserve a compliment from them. "La Bella" is one of the most frequent phrases I have heard in Rome. From waiters to clients, from raincoat sellers to visitors to the Vatican Museum, and even from a bus driver to passengers. Italians know how to flirt almost from birth.

Secondly, their attitude towards women ... It is really special, however, they treat themselves no less tenderly.

Thirdly, evaluate it with a sober look: in 80% of cases there will be a peacock in front of you, fluffed up its tail, trying to show it to the female in all its glory. In fact, the stories that they are cool lovers and in bed they do "whoa what" are often ... somewhat exaggerated. Although the opinion that they are trying to be remembered by women, even if it is sex for one night, is also not devoid of truth.

By the way, about exaggeration. The superlative in their speech prevails. The fact that he “never saw such a beauty, has already fallen head over heels in love and is ready to marry even tomorrow”, translated into our familiar language, means nothing more than that you look good and are nice to him.

Getting to know mom doesn't mean anything! By the way, if you still manage to bring the macho to the altar, you should know: daughters-in-law usually have good relations with mother-in-law in Italy, older women easily accept younger ones into the family.

And yet, for those who are attracted by the exotic, and especially after an unsuccessful love story, at least to raise their self-esteem, an affair with an Italian will certainly benefit. For most of them look after really beautifully. They do not lack gallantry. The vast majority have a sense of humor. In addition, your relationship will be constantly seasoned with poetic compliments, from which the queen will surely wake up inside you!

In addition, you will definitely be charged with the positive that is inherent in the Italian character: they do not get hung up on problems, believe in a bright future and radiate cheerfulness.

The specific smell of Italian men is nothing more than a myth. Yes, they often smell like perfume, and maybe even a little spice, since aromatic spices are used in the preparation of dishes, but I personally did not feel a specific smell, such as from the Vietnamese.



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