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Invite the girl home.

First date, second date, third date... It's time to move on and invite a girl to your home, for the most important thing — to give her your love) but many guys and even fully established men are seriously afraid of this very moment. Naturally, there is a chance that the girl will refuse to go to you and consider the offer to continue the date in your cozy apartment inappropriate(although even if she wants it, the rules of etiquette of a woman oblige her to do Fi..), but if you do everything correctly, the chance of hearing a refusal is almost zero. And if so, let's understand a few rules that will help you spend your next date not in a cafe or movie, but at home.

All girls are naturally very curious. And if she hasn't even tried to find out all the details about your modest home in a few dates, it doesn't mean that she doesn't think about it at all. Yes, he does. She has already mentally looked into your closet and refrigerator a thousand times, went into the bathroom and bedroom, looked at all the trinkets that you have accumulated in your life. But girls are not only curious, but most of them are also very modest. And if so, then your task is to push her to go to your house together. This is very easy to do. Just make an appointment near your home and find a reason to go home, and if the girl agrees to meet exclusively in the city center, you should think in advance about the route of your future walk, which, what a surprise, should end somewhere very close to your home. How to get a girl to move from the center of the city to the outskirts? A beautiful Park, a small lake, a stunning view of the city, a new cafe-surely there is something from this list near your home. It remains to invite the girl home. Naturally, this should be done in a way that does not frighten her. Although in any case, the girl should trust you. And if for those few dates, or a few hours or minutes, if you are already rummaging in the pickup truck that you have already spent, you do not deserve this very trust, then it is unlikely that the girl will dare to cross the threshold of your house. If there is trust, then just try to interest the girl or excite her.

It's not for nothing that you found out about all the things that she likes on several dates in a row. If a girl, for example, can't live without a good movie, then just ask her to watch a good movie. Once you're close to home, you can't go back to the city center. What to say and what not to say Do not say "let's go to my house", it is better to say simply "let's go to my place to sit and talk".

And if your offer did not inspire her, you can always refer to the fact that you need to change your t-shirt, take a pill or feed the cat. All this will only take a couple of minutes, which the girl definitely does not want to spend on the stairwell. Ie, she seems to understand what and why you invite her to your home, but it is just so difficult for her to agree, she needs an excuse not to think about herself that she is easily accessible. And then turn on your imagination and charm. You are an apartment and it is up to you how soon you leave it. At home, of course, there should be no parents or others interfering with the seduction process.

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