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Interesting places in Paris.

1. Eiffel tower Still, we couldn't help but include the most visited landmark in the world — the Eiffel tower. According to the latest estimates, there are about 7 million visitors a year.

In the warm season, we recommend going on a picnic to the Eiffel tower, and if the weather is not conducive to such a rest, you can just walk to it – otherwise it can be seen from many points of the city. Ticket price: the entrance ticket to the tower costs from €16 to €25, and if you still want to climb it, we strongly recommend buying a ticket in advance on the site, otherwise you will spend half a day in line. However, if you want to enjoy the panorama of Paris, you can do it from other viewing platforms – more accessible and certainly cheaper.

2. The Louvre This huge and impressive Museum is one of the most interesting and controversial places in Paris. Why ambiguous? Because, on the one hand, such a grandiose Museum simply cannot be missed, and on the other, everyone who has been to Paris more than once, says that it is better not to plan a visit to the Louvre on your first visit. 5 floors and 35,000 exhibits – you can visit it only if you have a free day to do it, which you are ready to devote to the contemplation of beauty.

If you just need to check the box and look at the Mona Lisa from afar, it's not worth it. To enjoy a visit to the Louvre, you need to study the scheme of the Museum in advance and walk through the halls where crowds of tourists usually do not reach. You can read about the tricks of buying tickets to the Louvre here. And if you want to get the most out of visiting this Museum, we recommend that you take a Long walk around the Louvre or learn more about the main masterpieces of the Louvre. Ticket price - €17

3. Arch It stands proudly above the Champs-Elysees and is considered a symbol of Paris on a par with the Eiffel tower.

No wonder, because the view of the city, which opens from the Arch, is perhaps even more impressive. The entrance ticket here is cheaper - €9.50, and there are fewer tourists here.

4. Notre-Dame De Paris

Keep in mind that you need to come here early in the morning, because in the afternoon there will be a very long queue at the checkout. Again, Notre Dame is an excellent vantage point for the city.

5. Versailles

Since the Palace of Versailles is located outside of Paris, it is worth taking a whole day to see it. The residence of king Louis XIV is a living history. You can plunge into it by visiting the Palace itself and walking through the surrounding gardens. And if you get hungry, inside there is a wonderful bakery "Angelina", however, the prices here are not low.

The Palace of Versailles is considered the most outstanding architectural heritage of the era of Louis XIV, a symbol of the greatness of France and the French monarchy. Stunning interiors, halls and Royal chambers, striking with their theatricality and luxury – as well as a lot of intrigue that was hidden in the walls of Versailles. We recommend taking a tour of the Palace of Versailles to discover the history of French kings and courtiers. .

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