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If a man is constantly busy and does not have time to meet with you

Quite often, women complain that their man suffers from a lack of time, excessive workload. If a man responds to your initiative to meet by being very busy, it should be a signal to you that the man really does not have enough motivation to have a relationship with you. "No time", "very busy", "much to do" - these are the usual male excuses. The sooner you understand this, the easier it will be for you to shake off unnecessary illusions and make the right decision about this person. Such excuses for a man appear in the event that a woman is not liked enough to develop a full-fledged relationship with her. Yes, during the period of Dating, he could insist that he needed a relationship, and serious, but it often happens that this is nothing more than empty chatter and the only thing that this person expected – to satisfy their sexual needs. Having received the desired, the man calms down and cools down. Motivation for further communication disappears if the woman could not interest him seriously. The naked truth will offend her, and it will make him look bad, so the man comes up with excuses.

It is also possible that this man was initially not free, but hid this fact from you. At the time of approaching you, he was in a relationship with another, and in this sense, he is not even lying when he says that he does not have time, just does not specify that there is no time for you. Sometimes the excuse "there is no time yet" sounds in relation to those ladies for whom it is important in a relationship that a man spent, for example, on gifts, flowers, a restaurant, entertainment. A man can be quite limited in funds. Therefore, in order not to meet often, that is, not to spend more than he can earn, the man says that he is busy. I will say at once that this scenario is extremely unlikely, because there is little that can stop a truly in love man. If you offered to meet a man, but did not support your initiative, citing employment, understand for yourself: the man distanced himself from you. Temporarily or permanently. The most unwise decision on your part in such a situation will be to persevere, make claims, voice dissatisfaction. It is best to agree with the reluctance of a man to meet and switch immediately to something else, more interesting than resentment at a person not particularly interested in you. This can radically change the situation in the future. Because the responsibility for the distance you completely shifted to the man. You took a step from your side, you were refused. That is, the turn to be proactive is now on the other side. And if you do not have time to disgust the man, he will most likely call you himself after some time.

But do you need it? The only scenario in which a man's sharp distance is morally justified is your inappropriate behavior: rudeness, gratuitous cold, you have become too much in his life, etc. In all other cases, you are corny show their disdain or even cynically manipulated, if you ran into a pickup truck, for example (we will talk about them on this channel). Why would you waste your precious time on someone who behaves this way? You have only one life and it is better to share it with decent people. But to meet such people, you need to look for them, and not cling to those who do not appreciate you and do not burn for you.


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