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Ibiza, sunshine 10 hours a day, 300 days per year

Ibiza: a Fashionable hangout for the rich.

Ibiza is a cool resort in Spain, where every day there are mass hangouts and bustling nightlife. If you are young, love clubs and constant travel, then it's time to start organizing an independent vacation to Ibiza. Holidays in Ibiza 2020 The season on the legendary island was opened in may, in honor of which a Grand party was organized. From now on, parties in Ibiza take place every day, until September. Their variety is striking, from beach and foam parties, to night parties in the island's super clubs. Live music, cool DJs, beautiful sunsets and casual acquaintances, all this is waiting for you in abundance, the only question is "how much will it all cost?".

Trip The cheapest plane ticket will cost about 450 euros to Barcelona or Majorca. Then you will be ferried to Ibiza for 50 euros. We do not recommend taking a direct flight, you will have to pay 800 euros for it. Don't forget to order a Schengen visa. Where to stay Guests are charged less for hotel stays between mid-June and the end of July. At this time, all the clubs are already open, the parties are in full swing. Definitely, the best option is to rent a home on the AirBnb service. Choose a resort based on your preferences: Ibiza city-many celebrities like to spend their holidays in Ibiza. This is where the legendary clubs El Divino and Pacha are located. Away from the musical "madness" is the old town, where you can take a little break.

Portinatx is a place where you can learn diving and to enjoy nature. Talamanca-here is the most beautiful beach, where there is everything for recreation: sun beds, rides, bars, Windsurfing. About the most important thing Holidays in Ibiza are a hellish mix of traditional Spanish festivities and European clubbing. There is no unbearable heat here, and in winter, even though it is not the season, there are still a lot of tourists. The wonderful nature of the island is fascinating: palm trees and cacti, crystal clear water set the tone for the atmosphere of wild entertainment.

Night life and parties in Ibiza Remember, the coolest night clubs in Ibiza: Privilege, Pacha, Space (the largest in the world), Es Paradis, Amnesia, Eden. These are insanely popular places, with beautiful interiors, a variety of drinks and musical accompaniment. The price for admission is about 40-60 euros, vodka from 15 euros, beer 13 euros. Beach parties, parties in the pool or even on the roof are the absolute norm in Ibiza. For example, the Ushuaia hotel becomes an oasis of wild nature from 16 00 until midnight. The whole party takes place next to the pool or right in it. And after the end of the holiday, you can continue the festivities at the nearby Ushuaia Tower hotel, where the party takes place right on the roof.

Water parties Fiesta del Agua This is an incendiary party, where the dance floor is a huge pool. Participants of this event will be able to shoot water pistols, participate in foam parties, and taste delicious drinks. You won't get away with it.

Transport Transport infrastructure is poorly developed, there are almost no buses. To move around the island comfortably, rent a car, the minimum cost is 30 euros per day. You can choose a scooter, Quad bike or Bicycle (if you do not plan to travel long distances).

Vacation in Ibiza 2020-was it worth it? A holiday in Ibiza will cost about 2000 euros per person (for 5-7 days). This is not the most economical option for a summer vacation, but it is definitely one of the most unusual.

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