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How to Think Positive Thoughts When Feeling Negative.

Positive thinking can lead to a lot of positive change in your life. Developing an optimistic outlook can be good for both your physical and mental health and your relationship.

Sometimes, situations arise in life that makes it hard to keep a positive outlook. Take steps to make positive thinking become more like your second nature and you’ll see the benefits.

Spend Time with Positive People

If you surround yourself with constant complainers, their negativity will most probably rub off on you.

Spend time with positive friends, family members and work colleagues to increase the likelihood that their positive thinking habits will become yours too.

It’s hard to be negative when everyone around you is so positive but its so easy to be negative if those around you are negative.

Take Responsibility for Your Behaviour

When you encounter problems and difficulties in life, don’t play the victim.

Acknowledge your place in the situation and take responsibility for your own behaviour.

Accepting responsibility can help you learn from mistakes and prevent you from blaming others unfairly, we learn from our mistakes and failures so don't let them grind you down.

Read Positive and Inspirational Materials

Spend time each day reading something that encourages positive thinking. Read an inspirational book, spiritual material, inspirational quotes or video's to help you focus on what’s important to you in life. It can be a great way to start and end your day.

Check out YouTube for some great content and uplifting videos, even audiobooks are great to listen to if reading isn't your thing, I personally use YouTube as my catalogue of inspiration and even meditation and if you need anything to help you sleep and clear your mind, there are some great audios on there as well.

Recognize and Replace Negative Thoughts

You won’t be successful at positive thinking if you’re still plagued by constant negative thoughts. Learn to recognize and replace thoughts that are overly negative. Often, thoughts that include words like, always and never, signal that they aren’t true. Change how you talk to yourself and how you think about yourself and others, we're all the same, we're all energy. Try some mirror work, this may seem silly at first but this can be very empowering, try to feel the negative emotion and think about what it feels like and where about it is, this can take some work and you may want to get help with this from someone that can help, that's the route I took to understand a lot about what I know now.


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