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How to talk to a guy

How do I start a conversation? How do I talk to a guy? How to find out the relationship?

All girls or women who are Dating a guy or have a serious relationship sooner or later face a problem that is difficult and even scary to talk about.

This fear is caused by various reasons, most often it is:

Unwillingness to swear,

Fear of losing by expressing your position,

Fear of being humiliated,

Fear of not being heard or, even worse, misunderstood,

Fear of offending and losing a loved one.

We will not take situations in which a woman is afraid of being beaten and threatened by a man, since this topic should be considered separately and the methods in such situations are different.

For all other cases, this article is suitable and in it we will tell You how to start a conversation, how to talk to a guy about what is bothering You, how to build a conversation in the most constructive way and make it useful and successful.

And, as you know, a successful conversation is one in which both partners were able to listen, hear each other and accept the partner's position.

What you need to be prepared for when talking.

I would like to note that accepting the partner's position does not mean making it your own, it only means that he understands this position and is ready to think about it.

The psychology of a person is such that initially he has a certain position, beliefs, priorities, in a word, a view of life. And any other point of view that does not agree with his views will be rejected by him.

Thus, you must initially be prepared for the fact that in order to build a constructive conversation, you need to keep yourself in hand and understand that Your position, even if it is correct, is only your position that you want to inform your boyfriend about.

For a guy to want to change his position, he must want to do it - "the Only way to encourage someone to do what You need to do is to make the other person want to do it. There is no other way" (Dale Carnegie)

And to do this, it is necessary that he wants to do it, without your pressure. And to do this, you need to be able to correctly build a conversation, taking into account the psychology of a man and a specific person.

What you want to talk to the guy about is also important. After all, there are situations in which it is necessary not just to convey information to a loved one, most often, these are situations in which it is necessary that they reconsider their views and only then can the relationship continue.

And here, there are many nuances that affect the perception and desire to talk on the part of Your boyfriend. It is likely that it will be very difficult to build a conversation on your own, so the help of a specialist in this matter is simply necessary.

Knowing Your situation, we can tell you how to talk to a guy correctly so that you don't lose him. Our service specialists will develop personal recommendations for You, which will describe in detail How to act in order not to lose a loved one and change the situation in Your favor.

How to talk to a guy.

1. The conversation is always the hardest, it's a start. That is why we need to prepare for this beginning.

We will not advise you to wait for a good mood. Waiting for a good mood from a loved one is good only when You want to ask him for something, but if you want to talk to him seriously, then you should not wait for a good mood, but a neutral one.

Since unpleasant information in contrast to a good mood, can cause a lot of additional negative emotions and aggression stronger than expected.

If a guy is in a bad mood, too, do not talk, because if a person is in a bad mood, it means that he is concerned about certain problems and adding more problems may just interfere with their normal perception. As it is, increased irritability will add fuel to the fire.

2. Start a conversation with exactly what You want to talk about.

When starting a conversation, say it not in the form of "You", but in the form of "We" and "I"

That is, for example, not "You are not behaving correctly", but "I feel bad about what is happening in our relationship", "I feel bad without you" and so on.

3. be Sure to praise him, "You are the best and you I would be the happiest if...."

In order for the conversation to be successful, it is necessary not only to convey negative points to the partner, but also to show good positive sides. This way he will not feel humiliated or insulted.

The main thing to remember is that You are not in a fight and it is not decided who will win - Your goal is for your partner to hear You and accept your position.

4. Let your partner Express their point of view, but do not forget that their point of view should also be subject to consideration on Your part.

5. Remember that you can't immediately wait for the result of the conversation, any problem must be considered. That is why at the end of the conversation, let it be clear That you will think about what he said, and ask him to think about Yours, so that you can return to the conversation later.

When You do not do this, but pretend that the conversation is over, then returning to the conversation for both of you causes only irritation, but you will have to return to the conversation in any case, sooner or later, since the situation is not settled, and therefore will ruin the relationship.

So we discussed the main points that you need to follow if you want to talk to a guy, but do not dare. It is clear that each situation is individual and one template can not be a salvation for all occasions, so our experts are always ready to help You in case of such a need, and if You feel that it is difficult to cope on your own.


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