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How to surprise a girl? Surprises for girls

What do girls love most? Certainly, pleasant surprises that a man unexpectedly presents to them. How to stand out from a large number of other fans? How to get closer? How to surprise a girl so that your relationship is stronger and better? Girls love emotions, to feel loved and to be surprised.

The most obvious date is to take a girl to a cafe or a movie. This is a standard set of pastimes for 99% of couples. This is difficult to surprise a girl, and many are even tired. Girls like more original, spontaneous and fresh ideas. This is what they can be surprised by, and not the standard set of courtship. Why surprise a girl and prepare pleasant surprises? There are many reasons. It is advantageous to stand out from other fans, speed up the process of rapprochement and create the basis for a stronger relationship. But the most important reason for a surprise is to please your favorite girl. Girls like to be surprised, and their eyes light up at surprises. You've seen them start to smile, jump for joy, squeal with delight, and throw themselves on your neck. But to do this, you need to really surprise her with something nice. How to surprise a girl on a holiday or for no reason at all? There are many different surprises for a girl. You can combine surprises and make her feel good at the most unexpected times.

How to surprise a girl?

1. Organize a girl a spontaneous walk to nature, where you can have a picnic. 2. Arrange a romantic dinner with candles and music. 3. Give a girl a sweet surprise by giving her candy, chocolate or other treats. 4. Buy tickets to the girl's favorite group, theater, or event of interest. 5. The girl sing a Serenade under the window. 6. Leave the girl a small love note or card, which she suddenly finds. 7. Take a girl to a disco in a club where you can dance. 8. Write the girl a poem of your own production. This will be better than Yesenin or Pushkin. 9. Enjoy the sunset with a girl, wrapped in a blanket and with a bottle of wine. 10. give the girl a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. 11. Plan an interesting, rich and unusual date.

12. Take the girl to an exhibition, festival or other exciting place. 13. Give the girl a little decoration. 14. Spontaneously drag a girl to a cool party. 15. Arrange a fire, barbecue and stargazing. 16. Make a memorable photo album or video with a girl. 17. Tell the girl a beautiful and unusual compliment that will touch her heart. 18. Create a gift with your own hands. This can be a postcard or DIY. 19. Suddenly give the girl a nice soft toy. 20. Take a girl by car or motorcycle to a beautiful place.

. 21. Give the girl a certificate for a lingerie or jewelry store. 22. Give the girl a massage without asking, but on your initiative. 23. Suddenly pick up the girl and carry her in his arms. 24. Bring Breakfast to bed, along with the flower. 25. Suddenly take a girl shopping when she can buy something desirable. 26. Pick up a girl from work or school, and then bring her home for a delicious dinner. 27. Help the girl with her problems that she has accumulated. 28. Rent a hotel room where there will be flowers, champagne and romance. 29. Fix something at home so that the girl is happy. 30. Take the girl to a beautiful and picturesque place that few people know about.

31. Write a girl a love letter and send it by mail, or you can just throw it. 32. Send the girl a gift or flowers by courier, which is enclosed in a small card. 33. Create a girl a musical selection that she likes. 34. Give the girl a certificate to a beauty salon or Spa.

35. Make a girl tea or coffee when she is busy studying or working. 36. Arrange dinner on the roof of the house or in a picturesque place. 37. Play interesting games with the girl. 38. give the girl an interesting book or women's magazine. 39. Take the girl on a fishing trip with an overnight stay. 40. Ride a girl on a boat, kayak or catamaran. 41. call or write to a girl more Often to make her feel special. 42. If a girl has long been dreaming of a kitten, then give it to her. She'll be thrilled.

43. Put the rose petals on the bed and arrange a night of love. 44. Become a cook and cook the girl her favorite dish. 45. Buy a girl something for her favorite hobby or hobby. 46. Offer to watch a romantic movie in a secluded setting. 47. Give the girl a romantic gift: a balloon, soap bubbles, a toy heart or other trinkets. 48. If you live with a girl, but clean up the house to please her. 49. At the weekend make a spontaneous trip to a nearby city. 50. praise the girl and tell her a lot of good words.

51. Take the girl to a dance party. 52. Order a girl's greeting on the radio. 53. Hand the girl a set of good cosmetics. 54. Come to a girl with a bottle of wine when she has had a hard or bad day. 55. Take care of the girl so that she feels loved. 56. Order her favorite pizza so that you can have a delicious meal. 57. Treat the girl like a real lady. Girls are always surprised and can not resist this behavior. 58. Arrange an extreme vacation. This is snowboarding, flying in an air tube, bungee jumping. 59. Choose a personalized gift for the girl that she really wants to get. 60. Repeat your first date in detail.

61. Take the girl to the dacha, where arrange a romantic vacation for her. 62. Make a girl a bubble bath and light a scented candle. 63. Buy tickets to the water Park or sauna. 64. Find the girl's favorite perfume and give it to her for no reason. 65. Invite a girl to play paintball. 66. Praise the girl in front of other people. She won't forget it. 67. do What you promised to do a long time ago. 68. Give the girl a trip. This is a great gift and surprise. 69. Admit to the girl in the most tender feelings. Confess your love. 70. Give a girl a ring, and then offer your beloved hand and heart.

All girls just love surprises. Surprise the girl with a pleasant surprise and give her positive emotions. You'll both be happier for it. This is what is called love.


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