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How to spend a romantic evening in a hotel-tips

Sometimes you want to make a romantic date special. Organize it in a hotel – one of the interesting and unbroken options.

Why would lovers go to a hotel?

To spend a date in an unusual environment, you do not need a reason. However, most often, there are reasons for this.

The man is going to make an offer: the atmosphere in the hotel will help him tune in to the right mood. Well, as for women, they just love such surprises;

You want to declare your love to a person: for new couples who have just started a relationship. An unusual pleasant environment will give you confidence and courage;

You are celebrating an anniversary: marriage or relationship. Sitting at home at the table or going to a restaurant is boring. A date at the hotel will bring variety to your life;

You want to add spice to the relationship. Sometimes routine bores so much that the feelings begin to fade. In order not to let them completely disappear, you need to radically change the situation and type of joint leisure time from time to time.

That includes a date at the hotel

So, what will you do with your loved one in the hotel? We look at what to pay attention to.

Room category: usually there are standard, suites and apartments. The more significant the occasion and the stronger the love, the more chic the room should be. Yes, Yes!

Dinner for two: you need to think through the menu;

SPA for two: why not go through a nice relaxing treatment together;

Additional interior details: everything that will help make the atmosphere more romantic. Please arrange this with the hotel in advance;

Breakfast: it is best to end a romantic night at the hotel with a delicious Breakfast. You can have a buffet.

Which SPA treatments to choose for a date

Choose the most pleasant!

Massages: oil, warm stones or herbal bags;

Wraps for her: fruit, berry, chocolate. To make life seem sweet;

Various saunas and baths-for both. On a date, it's better to choose softer, not hot ones;

Aquazone – by itself!

Romantic dinner

Any good hotel has a restaurant. You'd better get there first and discuss the details of the evening. Remember what dishes your partner likes, or try to surprise her with something new. Also, make sure that there are no interruptions with your partner's favorite alcohol.

If you want to decorate the table in a special way, also make an agreement in advance. Certain flowers, candles, or something else. Anything that your couple or both of you might like. You can also ask him/her to play his / her favorite song at a certain point in time. Such signs of attention are priceless, because care is in the details.

What should be in the room

The room is your nest of love for this evening. Make sure that there are:

Spacious double bed;

Jacuzzi – to relax and unwind before a night together;

Fruit or sweets;

Alcohol – for example, champagne;

Balls – if you have a holiday;

Rose petals-to enhance the romance;

Romantic music – classic hits are best suited.

How to prepare yourself for a hotel date

Ordinary appearance is not good here: still not a walk around the city.

Hair: make a neat and stylish styling that would emphasize your masculinity/femininity;

Make-up: do not overdo it. You do not need to paint in three layers, it is better to make a discreet and natural makeup. A man wants to see the real face of his beloved, not a mask of cosmetics;

Take care of manicure – both men and women. You will have to spend a lot of time in close contact, so all the small imperfections will be noticeable;

Perfume fragrance: choose your favorite one that gives you confidence. If you know what flavor your partner likes on you, use it. The main thing – in moderate quantities, so that the perfume does not drown out your natural smell and the smells of everything around you;

Clothing: choose evening dresses that emphasize your strengths and hide your flaws.

To sum up: what steps should you take as an organizer

You need to:

In any form, contact the hotel staff: by phone, online or come in person;

Give them all the information about their wishes: the time of the event, the design of the room, the specifics of the event;

Listen to the suggestions of the hotel staff – maybe you will like something;

Choose a room from the available ones - by price, size and content;

Reserve a room;

Book a table in a restaurant;

Sign up for a SPA program.


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