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How to plan the perfect vacation

Pros and cons of traveling impromptu and planning a vacation in advance

As you know, tourists are divided into two types – those who are used to planning a vacation in the smallest detail, and those who are attacked by a yawn at the word "planning", and they are ready to trust fate, just not to spend time searching for information and not to make unnecessary gestures. Both have, as they say, the right-everyone is free to choose what he likes best. Is there a plan that will satisfy everyone? Let's try to find it.

We should mention that those who are used to planning their holidays and traveling independently, as a rule, spend much less and have time to see more. For them, preparing for a trip is a special pleasure when they turn on the excitement, along with common sense. View offers from several airlines and find the best ticket at the time of sale, book a hotel at a minimum cost or even find free accommodation, think through logistics and understand where you can hitchhike, where it is more profitable to rent a car, and where a regular bus will fit, decide on which day it is better to visit a Museum to save on tickets, catch a burning package tour at a ridiculous price — isn't this a fascinating quest? But what for some becomes a factor in the release of a good portion of adrenaline, for others-a mortal longing and wasted time. They prefer to get everything at once, without much going into details: a package tour to the hotel on an all-inclusive system, where the sea, beach or pool will be quite enough, and some are so immersed in the hotel's services that at the end of their vacation they are surprised to find that there is also a sea here. Of course, we will not condemn anyone or, on the contrary, set an example. We will just try to show what is acceptable for both of them.

Where are we going?

The direction should be chosen from your interests and desires. Do you want a plant-based vacation to get your thoughts in order, sleep off and meditate on the beach? Choose those offers where you do not need to strain at all – all-inclusive hotels in Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia or Spain. The maximum program - "sea, sun, good food" - will be performed perfectly. If you are too lazy to plan even an excursion program, your tour operator will do it for you. He, believe me, has a lot of specially trained people who will fulfill any of your whims for a reasonable amount. If you like active recreation, and you are ready to discover new countries on your own, and you also love history and art, go on a trip to Europe. Right now, many airlines offer very cheap tickets to different cities in Europe. There is a chance to fly to Paris, Rome, Budapest, Lisbon, Oslo or Reykjavik from Tallinn or Riga very profitably (literally for one or two thousand rubles).

Life hack for those who do not want to strain themselves, but at the same time want to see as much as possible. Especially for you, such wonderful things as river and sea cruises with a large excursion program have been invented. This is a great opportunity to see several countries and cities in one vacation, enjoying luxury and comfort. Cruises on the Danube, Volga, Mediterranean or even the Caribbean sea will bring a lot of fun and unforgettable impressions. Many do not even consider this possibility, considering cruises very expensive vacation. But if you book a tour at the last moment or choose a lower class cabin, as well as go in low season, then this trip becomes very affordable.

Delivery method

Package tours are a wonderful invention of mankind for those who value comfort, reliability and their time. Indeed, if the tour operator takes care of all the hassle of your hotel accommodation, provides plane tickets, issues a visa and insurance for you, takes care of the transfer from the airport to the hotel and back, it would seem that you can completely trust him, relax and just enjoy your vacation. This is usually the case. But in any barrel of honey there is always a place for its fly in the ointment, and here it is a small, minimal, the smallest... risk. High-profile cases of bankruptcy of travel companies and injured tourists will appear in the news feed. As they say, everything happens in life, and no one is immune from it. Therefore, those who are not afraid to plan a vacation on their own, usually give an iron argument — the risk that a regular flight will be canceled is minimal, and if this happens, the airline will provide other tickets, if something goes wrong with the booked hotel or other accommodation, the services through which you made the reservation react instantly. But, on the other hand, if there is any force majeure, it will occur only through your fault, there is no one to write a complaint about. However, often all the problems that arise in an independent trip are perceived as a fun adventure that only adds color to the vacation.

See everythin

It is clear that those who plan to see as many attractions as possible on vacation, as a result, will see more of them than those who did not plan anything in advance. Agree, it will be a shame when friends and colleagues start asking if you have visited, for example, the island of Santorini, while in Greece, or climbed the Eiffel tower in Paris, to answer in the negative: "No, we were so satisfied with everything in the hotel that we did not want to go anywhere...". So excursions are already a mandatory part of the program for us, but whether you go to explore the sights yourself or use the services of an operator is your own business. Bus tours from the hotel-it is comfortable and safe, as they say, they will bring, show and tell everything, and then return it back. And if you are poorly oriented in space, are afraid of a foreign country, do not speak any language in the world except your native one, this is a good option. For those who are not strangers to adventurism and a thirst for adventure, of course, it is preferable to explore the space yourself — in a rented car, on a bike, Bicycle or any other form of transport. But to do this, you will need to first develop a route, study maps and features of local roads. If it doesn't bother you — then go ahead, we are sure you will get great pleasure.

What about the price?

In this category, the winners are, of course, those who know how to plan. After all, they already know the budget of the trip quite accurately in advance, up to the number of Souvenirs that need to be brought, and the size of the bill from the restaurant where they are going to have dinner. And also not too lazy to find out what you can save or even get for free. Of course, you can argue that the most fun adventures happen suddenly, that you need to rely on your sixth sense and intuition. I won't argue. But one of the best impromptu is the in advance prepared.


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