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How to meet and marry a Norwegian

The Kingdom of Norway is a fabulous place on planet earth. It is here, in the depths of nature, on the crest of sea waves, that this proud Scandinavian people lives, historically formed and ready to learn about the world around them. Norwegian men are very good in life in different areas, these magnificent Scandinavians can do almost everything.

Disappointed in Norwegian women, who put work and life in the forefront, men began to look for their soul mate in other countries. So many tandems and married couples met through the global Internet. Here women from Slavic countries have become active participants, they are not afraid to communicate with Norwegian men, they have fun and fervent conversations, communicate and flirt.

Online dating with Norwegian men is often similar to real ones, in addition to correspondence, two people after virtual acquaintance communicate in real life, meet their parents and come to visit each other.

The Internet has long brought Norwegian men closer to foreign women, their relationships are developing at lightning speed and, in the end, develop into real bright feelings.

Marrying a Norwegian is nowadays like getting into a fairy tale, the country itself, according to many tourists and guests, is unique, its nature is always different at all seasons, its northern sea excites and fascinates, its people are friendly and responsive.

And what great men in Norway! Once next to a Norwegian, it is simply impossible not to fall in love with him at first sight. They are economic, kind, sweet, very fond of their family, tolerant, hardworking, unpretentious in everyday life, they love their spouses very much and always take care of loved ones and relatives.

These fair-haired and blue-eyed men of a very strong physique, in addition to work, like to relax in nature, they teach children to this hobby from childhood, connect wives and other relatives.

Together they go hiking, fishing, cycling, hiking, and enjoying all the delights of Scandinavian nature.

Girls and women from Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland marry a Norwegian very often, because the country's climate itself, adaptation and other advantages contribute to the rapid restoration of moral and physical health. So instinctively women, on a subconscious level, choose a husband for themselves, suitable for their interests, preferences and other parameters. The demands of modern women are very high these days, and Scandinavian men from Norway often answer them all.

They are good at helping in everyday life - washing, cleaning, preparing delicious dishes, they especially accept seafood, often men know how to take care of children, repair electrical appliances and a car, know how to do agriculture and conduct life in general.

Norwegian men are the right choice

Let's take a look at the reasons why Russian and Ukrainian girls prefer Norwegian men:

Norway (capital - Oslo) has an unrivaled appeal for its cultural, historical and natural heritage. Here you will find the old Hanseatic embankment in Bryggen, Vigeland Park with sculptures of the world famous Gustave Vigeland, Geiranger Fjord with its amazing landscape, the impregnable Akershus fortress;

The Norwegians have a very persistent character, which distinguishes them favorably from many southern peoples;

Norwegian men love and know how to plan, including for the long term - and this is a good start for proper family relationships;

Norwegian cuisine is simply mesmerizing! At the Norwegian table, you will find fenalore (leg of lamb), pinneschet (lamb or lamb ribs), mölje (a dish of liver, caviar and dried cod), the most famous Norwegian brunust cheese;

Norway has a very high level of material security.

Norway help

The Kingdom of Norway is located in the northern part of Europe, in the west of the Scandinavian Peninsula and on a number of surrounding islands; part of the country is also located on the Spitsbergen archipelago and on the Bear and Jan Mayen Islands. Norway also owns Bouvet Island in the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the country disputes the right to Peter I Island in Antarctica.

The name of the country comes from the Old Scandinavian way to the north. This kingdom is a unitary constitutional monarchy. The country is divided into nineteen counties (or, in our opinion, provinces), as well as five unofficial regions.



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