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How to meet an American

If you have long dreamed of living in America, but do not have the opportunity to find yourself there on a work visa, and you are constantly unlucky in the green card draw, then you still have a chance to move to the United States if you link your fate with a citizen of this country. Of course, first you need to at least know how to meet an American. And then you will decide for yourself whether your new boyfriend is suitable to marry him. Experience shows that the success of this enterprise is not guaranteed even for those who have an attractive appearance.

Where can I meet an American

The most difficult stage in finding an American husband is where exactly you can meet a US citizen. There may be several options at once: at work. on the Internet; at a party or cultural event; on the street or in a bar; on vacation abroad. Of course, ideally, it is best to meet a person in person, rather than on the Internet. This will allow you to study the man more deeply on whether he is suitable for you or not. But do not think that only losers and perverts are sitting on the Internet. According to statistics, almost 20% of newlyweds in the United States met through the Internet. And not necessarily through a questionnaire on a Dating site, but when communicating on forums, via Tinder or in social networks.

Meeting an American in person

It just so happens that US citizens are found in Russia in limited quantities. And even then, mostly only in Moscow or St. Petersburg. If you set a goal to find an American husband, then you can get a job here: translator for tourists; guide; to a branch of an American company operating in Moscow or Saint Petersburg. We do not include flight attendants or popular models in this list. It is too unlikely that the average woman can get a job like this. And the flight attendants are doing just fine. The men are already sorted by class. ))

Of course, in all these cases, a woman who wants to meet an American will need to know English. Without this, it will be much more difficult, because even if you manage to meet a foreigner, you will still need to somehow maintain a conversation. If there are no Americans at your job, you can try to meet them at various cultural events or in bars. Here much depends on whether you are by nature sociable and have an attractive appearance. But if before in bars where foreigners lived, only currency prostitutes sat alone, now this relic of the past, thank God, has long disappeared. Prostitutes and their clients have long migrated to the Internet, so if you make a habit of once a week to get out with a friend in an Irish pub in the center of Moscow,you will be able to meet a foreigner there. Are night clubs suitable for Dating? Actually, Yes, but keep in mind that the night clubs hang out mostly young people. And of course, in Moscow (St. Petersburg) clubs need to understand. Do foreigners go there at all? In 19 years, a girl can almost write off everything on her stupidity and lack of experience. At 35, this will not work. And in our night clubs after 25 years, girls almost do not go. Night clubs and bars have a significant drawback: many men perceive women who can be met there as easy prey. That is, if you come to the club, it means that you want to find a man. In a certain sense, there is some truth in this, but not always. But if we are talking about a purposeful search for an American husband, then we have to use all methods. In addition, no one forbids you to go to work (school) five days a week in glasses and a mother's headscarf, and to have fun only on weekends.

How to meet an American abroad

A vacation in a European or Asian resort is a great way to meet an American. Every summer, hundreds of thousands of American tourists flood France, Italy, and England. Don't forget, too, that nearly 8 million Americans live permanently outside of the United States. Only a small number of them come to Russia. Therefore, if you are looking for an American husband, and you yourself live in the province, and not in Moscow or St. Petersburg, then you need to soberly assess the chances. Your only opportunity to meet a US citizen in person is to travel abroad. Where is the best place to look for Americans in Europe? Of course, at summer resorts! In contrast to London and Paris, where tourists come for a few days to see the sights and museums, the people at the resorts are more relaxed. They don't need to know when the entrance to the Eiffel tower closes or how many hours the Louvre is open. In addition, if you have a slim figure, then on the beach or near the pool, it will look much more attractive. If you are young and like to party, go to Ibiza, Barcelona or Alicante in the summer. Unlike the French Riviera, Spanish resorts are not as expensive. Travel to Italy-there are a lot of Americans there in the summer. If you are not yet 28 years old – it is quite possible to travel with a minimum of money, spend the night with a friend in student hostels or campsites.

There are almost no Americans in Turkey or Egypt. Recently, holidays in Arab countries for US citizens have not become too popular. But in Thailand and other Asian countries, there are quite a lot of them. Objectively assessing the chances of meeting Americans, we must admit that young attractive girls have a much higher chance of meeting a US citizen than women over 30. And if you are already past the age to seek adventure, riding the night train from Milan to Paris in the company of random fellow travelers, then anything to advise you with a hundred percent guarantee will be difficult. Although if you are easy to get along with people and have a good appearance, then men themselves will take the initiative to you. The main thing is not to sit at home idly. And if you really sit, then only actively communicating on the Internet. ))

How to meet an American online

Online Dating with Americans is the easiest chance for a girl or woman from Russia to be in the United States. Of course, there are other ways to avoid virtual flirting, but they are all more complex. For example, if you make enough effort, now almost any Russian female student from 18 to 23 years old who knows spoken English can go to America for the summer under the Work and Travel program. Where it is possible to get acquainted on the Internet with Americans? First of all, there are many different sites of marriage ads at your service. You can find them by simply typing in Google keywords: Russian brides, International Dating, Online dating. The advantage of international Dating sites is that registration for women in them is free. Many Russian women try to register on American Dating sites, logically believing that there are more men – US citizens there. Indeed, many "international" sites are mostly hung by residents of Asian countries, acquaintance with which you hardly need. Unless you want to move to live in Pakistan or Turkey. )) However, when registering on an exclusively "American" Dating site, our ladies can expect unpleasant surprises: many of them are paid; registration on the site using a foreign IP address may be prohibited. Such restrictions are introduced in order to immediately cut off "mail brides". As you can imagine, American women also want to meet a potential husband. And they don't need profiles of Russian or Ukrainian beauties here. Therefore, some Dating sites restrict the registration of questionnaires submitted by foreign women.

If you are asked to specify the Zip code of your locality during registration, it does not matter. After searching the Internet, you can specify any city that suits you – for example, Los Angeles. The main thing is to meet the right man. If you can hook him with something, it won't matter so much where you come from. Believe me: American men are also ready to do a lot to find a Russian wife. Some even fly across the ocean for a meeting in a cafe, and so on… Should I trust special marriage agencies that take money, "guaranteeing" acquaintance with an American? As experience shows, most of these agencies-the usual divorce suckers. Some even specifically hire people who will write you letters, as if from rich Americans who want to marry you. But then it turns out that all the "Americans" were residents of India and other tropical countries. "US citizens" will disappear as soon as you transfer money for purchasing a paid account on the site.


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