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How to meet a Japanese woman: ways and tips

Many Japanese women are very positive (even with a certain amount of enthusiasm) about meeting and marrying a representative of another nationality. Many of them dream of meeting a tall blue-eyed guy – Russians quite often fit this definition. Well, who of our guys does not want to have a relationship with a petite and fragile girl who will differ in loyalty and sensuality? So let's figure out how to meet a Japanese woman for marriage.

How do Asian women treat Russian men?

If you decide to meet a Japanese woman over the Internet or want to go to Tokyo in the near future specifically for this purpose, then you should first know what these girls think about Russian guys. Perhaps they represent them as stern and cold-blooded men who are used to face dangers and remain calm even in difficult situations. Or do they prefer romantics who often show their feelings? The stereotype first. Most Japanese women like Russian men because of their appearance. As mentioned earlier, they prefer to get a tall and beautiful cavalier, behind which they will feel like behind a stone wall. So if your height is 180 centimeters or more, then you already have a huge advantage over the local guys. And it is quite difficult to argue with the beauty of European men. Stereotype two. Asian girls think that all foreign men tend to show gallantry and basic rules of etiquette. Unfortunately, most Japanese guys don't follow these life principles. However, almost every Russian boy in school was taught that girls should give way in public transport, and help them carry heavy things home. So the Russians have a big advantage here, too. The third stereotype. Many Japanese women think that Russian guys are quite resistant to alcoholic beverages. Of course, there is a grain of truth in this statement. Since a European man has more mass than an Asian, he will need a lot more booze to get his mind clouded. Japanese women are very fond of hardy men in this regard, because they themselves often like to drink. We can talk for a long time about how exactly Asian girls relate to Russian guys. However, these three stereotypes should be enough to win the heart of almost any beauty. In the following sections, you will find detailed information about why sooner or later a Japanese woman will meet a Russian, even though her modest nature. Follow the recommendations below to build a relationship with an Asian woman.

Show yourself a gallant cavalier

Even if you decide to meet a Japanese woman over the Internet, you should not neglect the basic rules of etiquette. Most Asian women are quite busy with household chores, so they rarely hear compliments or receive gifts from members of the opposite sex. So keep this in mind when you correspond with a beauty on a social network. Be polite, courteous, and show care and attention to the girl.

If you decide to meet a Japanese woman in Moscow or Tokyo, then you should remember these rules all the more. At the first meeting, give the girl a beautiful bouquet of flowers and make a compliment about her appearance. Also show all sorts of courtship on a date: move the table in the restaurant, open the door for the beauty, serve the coat, and so on. Japanese women rarely feel such courtship from men, so use it.

Entertain the girl in all ways

Unfortunately, Japanese women love it when men spend money on them. If the material side of the issue is not a special problem for you, then use this advantage to win the heart of a beauty. Take her to an expensive restaurant or amusement Park, go shopping with her to buy branded clothing. In short, satisfy all the whims of the girl, so that she understands that you are worthy of becoming her husband.

However, do not think that Japanese women are ready to go to bed with everyone who has money. Girls are extremely selective in this matter and prefer to maintain their chastity until the wedding. In addition, if a rich boyfriend can not maintain an interesting gazebo with a beautiful woman, then nothing good will come out of the date either. Therefore, try to entertain the girl in all possible ways.

Go on a date in a bar

If you happen to meet a Japanese woman on the Internet, you should not delay in order to meet her in real life. Asian girls are very fond of determined guys who are the first to invite them on dates. However, if you do not do this just because you do not know what place to go with a beauty, then we are in a hurry to please you. There is one place that will appeal to most adult Japanese women-a bar.

Yes, Asian women really like to drink. So be prepared for this turn of events if you decide to meet a Japanese girl to create a strong family. Before getting married, they prefer to fully enjoy their freedom. And if you also have to drink in the company of a gallant gentleman, then the date can be considered automatically successful. So you can safely interest a Japanese woman in going to a bar – it is unlikely that she will refuse it.

Try to pick up a friend at the age

Do not forget that most Japanese women are extremely shy. If a guy who is clearly in his 20s tries to meet a schoolgirl, she will most likely just run away from him. Therefore, the best option is to find a peer who is already studying at a University or working. Don't worry about the question of chastity. As mentioned earlier, most girls keep it until the wedding.

Don't kiss a Japanese woman in public

Most Asian girls are extremely negative about showing feelings in public, so they are unlikely to allow themselves to be kissed in a public place. This is especially true in situations where a beauty meets a foreigner (this information should not be known to everyone who meets her, since various accusations may be thrown at the Japanese woman). So if you decide to start building a relationship with a Japanese woman, then be ready for it.

In Japanese couples between a man and a woman, it is also not customary to hug when meeting or accompany a companion directly to the house or apartment. For a Russian person, this order of things may seem something out of the ordinary, but it is worth accepting this. Don't try to put pressure on the girl to walk her all the way home. At best, she would simply take her date to a completely different building.

Beware of becoming a " cute puppy»

In some cases, Japanese women can communicate with a representative of another nationality just to show them off to friends or acquaintances. Most often, this happens with guys who the girl does not consider as a potential candidate for the role of a future husband due to lack of money or lack of self-confidence. However, she will communicate with him, seeing in the representative of the stronger sex "cute puppy".

Try to recognize this manifestation as soon as possible, so as not to waste time on a hopeless relationship. The best way to recognize the seriousness of a girl's intentions is to ask her directly when exactly she wants to introduce you to her parents. For 99% of Japanese women, this gesture means that they consider the young man as a future spouse. If you are just a friend to her, she will never make such a gesture.


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